Sewell Family Records

The genealogy of the Sewell Family is based on a series of records, letters and books;
some of which have been copied and are available for viewing on this web site.

Sewall / Sewell Family Records
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{Judge} Samuel SewallA letter from {Judge} Samuel Sewall, Chief Justice of Massachusetts, April 21, 1720  which outlines the family history back to his Great Grandfather, Henry Sewall of Coventry, Warwickshire.
{Judge} David Sewall A letter from {Judge} David Sewall of Maine, November 3, 1797 which outlines mainly the descendents of John Sewall (1654 - 1699), the Sewalls of Maine.
{Rev} Samuel Sewall Letter from {Rev} Samuel Sewall of Massachusetts, March 15, 1847 which outlines mainly the descendents of {Judge} Samuel Sewall (1652 - 1729/30), the Sewalls of Massachusetts.
{Rev} Henry Doyle Sewell Letter from {Rev} Henry Doyle Sewell, February 3, 1858 which outlines Sewall/Sewell family history back to pre-conquest times.
{Hon} William Smith III Letter from {Hon} William Smith III, December 9, 1796 which outlines the outlines the family history of Henrietta "Harriet" Smith who married {Chief Justice} Jonathan Sewell.
Mr. Charles F. Sewall Family Records from Mr. Charles F. Sewall of Maine, January 2001 which outlines some of the descendants of John Sewall 1654 - 1699), the Sewalls of Maine.
Mr. Ralph N. Thompson Family Records shared by Mr. Ralph N. Thompson of Main, November 2006 which outlines some of the descendants of John Sewall 1654 - 1699), the Sewalls of Maine.
{Hon} Jonathan Sewell Articles on {Hon} Jonathan Sewell from the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography and Jonathan Sewell's plan for a Federal Union in 1814.
Henrietta Eliza Sewell A letter sent by Henrietta Eliza Sewell on December 20, 1827 to her brother Henry Doyle Sewell.
Henry DeQuincy Sewell I A letter from Henry Doyle Sewell to his mother telling of the sad, short life of Henry De Quincy Sewell (I)
Sewall 1908 Book A book written in 1908 which outlines some of the descendants of John Sewall 1654 - 1699), the Sewalls of Maine.
The Tea "The Tea", a mysterious record of the meetings preceeding the Boston Tea Party.  The author has remained anonymous.
The Sewall Family This excerpt from Frances M. Smith:  Colonial Families of America (no date given) was shared by W. Darcy McKeough, and was posted in November 2002.
The Denne Family The Denne Family from Edward Elbridge Salisbury, Family Memorials, 1885, privately printed at New Haven, Connecticut
pages 381 - 383
Denne of Kent and Sussex The Denne Family from John Burke: A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, London (1838) Vol III, pp. 19-21
Visitation of Kent 1619 The Visitation of Kent 1619 shows the Denne Family beginning with William Denne in East Kent in the time of King John.
Catherine Denne An old ancestry of Catherine Denne that has some serious problems
The Gookin Family The family of Daniel Gookin by Richard N. Gookins of Salem, Oregon; typed and shared by Norm Medland.
Shropshire Visitation The Shropshire Visitation of 1623 shows the connection to the family of Matilda Horne who married William Shewell
Jochem Wessels The story of Jochem and Gertrude Wessels from Carl Carmer, The Hudson, New York and Toronto, Rinhart & Co., 1939 Ch. 5
Lairds of Callendar This is an excerpt from Sir Bernard Burke, Vicissitudes of Families. Remodelled edition. London: Longmans, Green, Reader, and Dyer, 1869. Vol. II. Pp. 203-218 shared by John Rees.
Beatrix Sinclair The ancestry of Beatrix Sinclair. Was she a daughter or a granddaughter of Henry Sinclair, 1st Earl of Orkney?
Rolf the Ganger's Wife Excerpts from Professor Moriarty's manuscript showing the wife of Rolf the Ganger to be a Poppa, a daughter of Gui, Count of Senlis.
Counts of Flanders Excerpts from Professor Moriarty's manuscript and Weis and Sheppard, Ancestral Roots showing the ancestors and brothers of Mathilda of Flanders who married William the Conqueror.

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