Puleston and Horne

Robert SewellThis page was set up by Robert Sewell in June 2006 to show the Puleston Family of Emral Hall, Flintshire since the earliest known times.  Robert Sewell graduated from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) in 1967 with a B.Sc. degree in chemistry.  After a year of studies at the University of Toronto's College of Education, he taught high school science in Collingwood, Ontario for a year and then taught chemistry, physics and general science in Hamilton, Ontario for twenty-nine years.  Robert Sewell retired from teaching in June 1998.

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    This page is under construction and will be modified as material is verified.  The Puleston family of Emral Hall, Flintshire, Wales appears to be fairly well documented; but there are many conflicts and inconsistencies to be researched.

    There is a definite connection between the Pulestons of Emral Hall in Flintshire and the Hornes of Pickesley in Shropshire because the ancient Arms of Puleston (Sable, three mullets argent) are included in the Quartered Arms of Horne listed in the Shropshire Visitation of 1623.

Thanks to:

The information for the following Generations One to Five comes primarily from:
  • Burke’s Peerage, 1898, Page 1145.  For details, click on Puleston Lineage.
  • Pages shared by Mrs. Margaret Littlejohn that originated with Puleston researcher Mrs. Sunter Harrison. For details, click on Pulestons of Shropshire and North Wales.
  • Mrs. Sunter Harrison was the author of: The Early Pulestons Wrexham, 1975  (ISBN 0950478407)
    and Worthenbury Church, Emral Chapel and the Pulestons Wrexham, 1990  (ISBN 0950478415)
    These volumes are listed at National Library of Wales  but I have been unable to find them elsewhere.
  • Pages shared by Mrs. Margaret Littlejohn.
  • Information shared by Mr. Stephen Perkins from the Pedigree of the Puleston Family inherited from his father's cousin, the late Mr. Arthur Puleston and from manuscripts in the National Library of Wales. (Wynstay Manuscript 147 and the Peniarth Manuscript 287 in the Vaughan Book of Pedigrees)

  • Information shared by Mr. Ian Sinclair from Mrs. Sunter Harrison: The Early Pulestons Wrexham, 1975.
  • John Davies:  A History of Wales, Penguin, London, 1993.  (ISBN 0713990988)

  •     The surname of the Puleston Family was originally written De Pyvelesdon, and its settlement in England may be referred to the period of the Norman Conquest.  For details, see Burke’s Peerage, 1898, page 1145.

    Generation One
    Sir Richard Pyvelesdon, of co. Salop, Knight.
        The records shared by Mr. Ian Sinclair indicate that the forebears of Sir Richard Pyveleston were:
                (1)    Robert de Pyvelsdon
                (2)    Eudo de Pilesdon/Pyvelsdon
                (3)    Hamo de Pyvelsdon
                (4)    Robert (or Roger) de Pyvelsdon
    Note that Salop is the same as Shropshire which comes from the Old English Scrobbesbyrigscir, the shire with Shrewsbury at its head. The Normans found the Old English for both Shrewsbury and Shropshire; Scrobbesbyrig and Scrobbesbyrigscir difficult to pronounce; so they softened them to Salopsberia and Salopescira. Salop became the shortened form of both.
    The above is from a message (now deleted) at Virtual Shropshire.

    Richard Pyvelesdon had the following son:

    • Roger Pyvelesdon

    Generation Two
    Roger Pyvelesdon
    Living (born?) circa 1220
    Died in 1272
    Roger Pyvelesdon was appointed Sheriff of Shropshire in 1241.  He was responsible for the vivary (fish farm) at Aqualate, Newport.  He died in 1272, and a cross in his memory was erected on High Street, Newport in 1289.

    Roger Pyvelesdon had the following sons:

    The Puleston Cross
    The Puleston Cross
    for further details, click on
    Puleston Cross

    Generation Three
    Sir Roger De Pyvelisdon of Emral Hall, Flintshire, Wales.
    Died circa 1280 - 1304.
    Roger De Pyvelisdon was lynched by the Welsh while attempting to collect taxes for King Edward I.  Some sources claim this lynching occurred as early as 1280, most give 1294; and Burke’s Peerage, 1898 (page 1147) states he was "sheriff of Anglesey, 33 Edward I., 1304, and keeper of that county; but the Welsh, averse to foreign rule and taxation, seized upon Sir Roger, and caused him to be hung."
    Roger De Pyvelisdon married Agnes (or Jane) le Clerk a daughter of David le Clerk, Baron of Malpas, and they had the following children:Armorial Bearings of Puleston

    Generation Four
    Sir Richard De Pyvelisdon, Knight of Emral, Sheriff of Caernarovonshire, and representative in parliament for the borough of Caernarvon.
    Born circa 1260 in Ywern, Flintshire, Wales.
    Mentioned in various documents from 1278 to 1314.
    Living 1316 (Burke’s says “living 9 Edward II” i.e., 1316.)

        Richard married Angharad (or Agnes) Warren who was born circa 1264 in Warren Hall, Salop.  Angharad is said to have been "a daughter of  Sir William Warren, Knight".  Burke’s says her father may have been Sir Griffith Warren.

        Some perhaps overly enthusiastic online genealogies claim that Angharad Warren was a daughter of William de Warenne, 7th Earl of Surrey and Joan de Vere. This implies a descent from a number of persons connected with the Magna Charta.  However, William de Warenne was born circa 1256 and was killed in a tournament at Croydon on December 15, 1286.  It is uncertain when Joan de Vere was born, but her father, Robert de Vere, 5th Earl of Oxford, was born in 1240.  William de Warenne and Joan de Vere could not possibly have had a child circa 1264.  More research must be done on the descent of Angharad (or Agnes) Warren.
    . . . see Frederick Lewis Weis: Ancestral Roots, 7th Edition, Lines 60 and 83;
    and Magna Charta Sureties, 5th Edition, Lines 121 and 151.

    Richard and Angharad (or Agnes) de Warren had the following children who are mentioned in a writ "Ad quod damunm" dated 3 Edward II (1309) and / or in "Calendar of Patent Rolls" dated May 29th, 1314 and / or in various documents mentioned in the research of Mr. Stephen Perkins:

    Generation Five
    Sir Roger de Pyvelisdon, Knight of Emral
    Born in 1298 in Emral, Flintshire, Wales
    Died about 13 Edward III (circa 1340)

    Roger married Margaret, a daughter of Llewelyn ap Ynyr, Lord of Gellig Yn An in Yale, and they had the following children:

        At this point, there is a gap in our Puleston lineage leading to Jordan Puleston who is named in the Shropshire Visitation of 1623.  Some online genealogies (eg. www.ancestry.com) attempt to fill this gap as follows without naming their sources.

        It may well be that the persons named in the following generations are part of a direct line linking the Pyvelesdons, Pyvelisdons and Pulestons of Emral Hall in Flintshire above with Jordan Puleston (Shropshire Visitation of 1623); but sufficient evidence of this appears to be lacking.

    Sir Richard Puleston, and his wife Ann (or Agnes) Wishan shown above in Generation Four had a son:

    Sir Robert Puleston, who married Gwehany Far Ferch Llewellyn (Anghard or Margaret), a daughter of Llewelyn ap Yiery, Lord of Gelligynan in Yale, and they had the following sons:

    Please send information with regard to filling this gap, and / or other corrections to:
    Robert Sewell

    The information for the line beginning with Jordan Puleston are courtesy of Mr. Geoffrey R. Horne
    — and my cousin —
    Sewell V. Sample who kindly sent me a photocopy of The Visitation of Shropshire, 1623.

    Generation One
    Jordan Puleston who must have been a descendant of the Pulestons of Emral shown above because the Puleston Arms (Sable, three mullets argent) were allowed for quartering in the Shropshire Visitation of 1623.
    Jordan Puleston married a daughter of Adam de Chetwynd, Lord of Flotesbrolte, Staffordshire and Eva de Oswaldestere and they had a daughter:

    Generation Two
    Elizabeth Puleston
    Elizabeth Puleston married John Morton, a son of Edmund Morton (son of Michael Morton) and Ellen Woodcote (daughter of Robert de Woodcote).  (See an earlier Elizabeth Puleston above.)
    Elizabeth and John had a son:

    Generation Three
    Thomas Morton (also Thomas De Moreton)
    Born circa 1440 in Moreton,Staffordshire.
    Thomas Morton married Julian le Boteler or Julianna Butler who was born circa 1440 in Shropshire, and whose uncle was Lord Butler of Norbery.
    Thomas and Julianna had a daughter:

    Generation Four
    Margery Morton (also Moreton)
    Born circa 1464 in Willbrighton,Gnosall,Staffordshire.
    Margery Morton married John Horne who was born circa 1464 in Pikesby, Child’s Ercall, Shropshire.

    Descent of John Horne, born circa 1464
     Mr. Willascott
    a daughter of Lee of Langley, Co. Salop
    William Horne
    Joane Willascot
    William Horne
    Jane or Joan Adonay
    John Horne, b. ca. 1464
    Margery Morton, b. ca. 1464

    Margery Morton and John Horne had the following children:

    Arms of Horne of Salop & WarwickshireGeneration Five
    Reginald Horne
    Born circa 1490 in Pikesby,Shropshire.

    Mr. Geoffrey R. Horne has kindly shared
    the Arms of Horne pictured to the right.

    Reginald Horne married Margery Lee who was born circa 1490 in Whitechurch, Shropshire, and they had the following children:

    Arms of Horne of Pikesley and Little Ercall

    The Arms of Horne of Pikesley and Little Ercall are described in The Visitation of Shropshire, 1623:

    Quarterly of six:  1 and 6, Gules, a fesse vair — HORNE in Shrewsbury MS.; 2, Sable, a bend between six martlets or — WILLASCOTT in Shrewbury Ms.; 3, Argent, a chevron gules between three square buckles sable [MOORTOWN]; 4, Azure, a chevron between three water-bougets or — WOODCOT in Shrewsbury MS.; 5, Sable, three mullets argent — PULLESTON in Shrewbury MS.

    I have drawn these arms as shown next.  Please send corrections to Robert Sewell.

    Horne Description
    Horne Quarterly of Six

    The information for Generation Twelve originates primarily with:
    Edward Elbridge Salisbury: Family Memorials, privately printed, 1885; and
    Sir Hector Livingston Duff: The Sewells in the New World, Wm. Pollard & Co, Exeter, 1924

    Generation Six
    Matilda Horne
    Born in 1520 in Pikesley, Shropshire
    Matilda Horne married William Shewell (or Sewall) in 1540, and they had the following sons:

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