The Newdick Family
Robert Sewell    This page was set up by Robert Sewell in January 2008 to show the family of his grandmother, Ida Mary Newdick.  Robert Sewell graduated from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) in 1967 with a B.Sc. degree in chemistry.  After a year of studies at the University of Toronto's College of Education, he taught high school science in Collingwood, Ontario for a year and then taught chemistry, physics and general science in Hamilton, Ontario for twenty-nine years.  Robert Sewell retired from teaching in June 1998.

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Sources of Information

The Newdick Name and Arms

    Newdick is said to be a local name meaning "at the new dike"; i.e., a family residing by or near a new trench, mound or dike. If there were, for example, several men named Henry in a general area, local people may have differentiated between them by referring to "Henry who lives over by the new dike" as "Henry Newdick" and the name was then assumed by Henry's family and descendants.  (Charles Wareing Bardsley, A Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames, Baltimore, 1967)

    Family tradition tells us that the Newdick name originated from the Dutch "Neu Dyk" and people who were brought over from Holland to drain the fens of East Anglia. (Thanks to Mark Newdick of Connecticut)

    The Arms of Newdick, granted on December 1, 1580 to a Newdick of County Worcester, is described as "Paly of four argent and sable on a bend gules 5 bezants" which means "a silver shield with four vertical black stripes with 5 gold circles on a red diagonal." Please note that our Newdick family has no tradition of a coat of arms and that Worcester is over 100 miles west of the Norfolk / Suffolk area that our Newdick family came from; so this may not be the same family.

Our Newdick Family

Generations One to Seven have been lifted from the website of the late Brent Newdick of Australia.
Brent Newdick died on March 7, 2012 at Calvary Hospice, Miranda, Sydney aged 64 years.
Unfortunately, his website ( is no longer available. 

Thank you, Brent Newdick, for all your help with the Newdick Genealogy.

The information developed by Mr. Brent Newdick for Generations Four onwards was researched by Elizabeth Abbott, Gladys Florence "Gay" Alden-Montague, Marjorie Neville, Sally Ward, and Adrian Greenwood.

However, Generations One, Two and Three are partly without documentation. Please note that the dates all fit and the locations are all in the same general geographical area, more or less north east of London and south of The Wash. We have no reason to doubt the line shown.

Generation One
Thomas Newdick of Mildenhall, Suffolk
circa late 16th and early 17th century
Thomas married Alice Adams, and they had the following children:

  • Agnes Newdick, born 1606
  • Alice Newdick, born 1608
  • Mary Newdick, born 1611
  • Anne Newdick, born 1616
  • Thomas Newdick, mentioned next.
Generation Two
Thomas Newdick of Mildenhall, Suffolk
Born in 1618
Thomas had a son: Generation Three
James Newdick of Mildenhall, Suffolk
Born in 1645
James married Sarah Garwood and they had the following children:
  • James Newdick, born 1673
  • Sarah Newdick, born 1675
  • Thomas Newdick, born 1677
  • Mary Newdick, born 1681
  • William Newdick, mentioned next.
  • (unknown) Newdick, born 1686
  • Alice Newdick, born 1689
Generations One, Two and Three are from the website of Mr. Brent Newdick of Australia and are partly undocumented as mentioned above
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Generation Four
William Newdick of Mildenhall, Suffolk
Born in 1683
William married Ann Disbrow and they had the following children:

  • William Newdick, mentioned next.
  • Ann Newdick, born 1711; baptised on October 28, 1711 at Isleham, Cambridgeshire. Ann married on October 1, 1731 at Isleham to John Flower.
Generation Five
William Newdick of Isleham, Cambridgeshire
Born 1708; baptised on September 26, 1708 at Isleham, Cambridgeshire
William married on January 24, 1731 at Isleham to Mary Hanslip and they had the following children:
The Hanslip Family
The Hanslip Family has been carefully researched by Norman Charles Hanslip.
Please click to visit his Hanslip Web Site for further details.
William Hanslip born on November 16, 1611; his son: 
  • William Hanslip died on October 3, 1670, married circa 1649 to Phillis who died on October 7, 1694. Their son:
    • John Hanslip; his children include:
      • William Hanslip born on December 7 1706; died on Janurary 3, 1770 married on October 26, 1731 to Mary Bangs. Their great X5 grandson Norman Hanslip researched this line.
      • Mary Hanslip married William Newdick as shown above. Their son:
        • John Newdick, mentioned next. 
Arms of Hanslip

The arms of Hanslip are described as "Argent, a cross crosslet fitchee azure, between two bars gules."

Generation Six
John Newdick of Barton Mills, Suffolk
Born in 1742; baptised on November 28, 1742 at Barton Mills.
John married on April 20, 1768 at Barton Mills to Elizabeth Rasby, perhaps a daughter of Philip Rosby of Eriswell. (Please check back for updates on Philip Rosby.)

John and Elizabeth had the following children:

Generation Seven
Philip Newdick of Worlington, Suffolk
Born in 1780; baptised on March 19, 1780 at Worlington.
Died on October 19, 1862. Click here to see Philip's death registration.
Philip married in 1804 to Elizabeth Hensby, a daughter of Edward Hensby and Catherine Childerstone.

Edward Hensby, father of Elizabeth Hensby, signed a will on August 18, 1819. Click Here to see this will. 

Elizabeth died on September 24, 1865. Click here to see her death registration. Philip and Elizabeth had the following children:

Philip Newdick
courtesy Adrian Greenwood

     "Philip Newdick's house, Eriswell Hall Farm, still exists to-day with considerable land around, very close to the military airfield at Lakenheath. When I visited in 2005 and took the photograph here the current resident appeared to be planning to convert a large barn into a rural antiques auction house. (Click HERE for details) 
     "Philip Newdick . . . had considerable land, about 1600 acres near the end of this life in 1861, and an employer of 28 labourers in 1851. He was buried in Lakenheath Church in 1862. . .." 

Eriswell Hall Farm, 2005
The Childerstone Family and Elizabeth Hensby
courtesy Adrian Greenwood
     "Philip Newdick married into another local well-to-do family, the Hensbys of Mildenhall. They, and in particular Elizabeth's mother who was Catherine Childerstone . . . 
     "The Childerstones/Chestons are clearly local gentry, with local roles such as Overseer of the Poor for Mildenhall. . . 
     "The Childerstones were yeoman farmers first mentioned in Mildenhall in 1286, who later had the right to muster men for various wars. The first Childerstone that can be shown to be a direct ancestor was however Rickard Chylderston, born c. 1410, dying in 1457. The Childerstones becand wealthy during the reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, . . .."

The Family of Frederick Newdick
Frederick Newdick, b. 1818
Frederick Newdick, b. 1818,
arrived in New York 1849.
Ella A. Newdick, 1856-1926
Ella A. Newdick, 1856-1926,
Frederick's daughter.
Frederick Leigh Newdick 1901-1984
Frederick Leigh Newdick 1901-1984,
Frederick's grandson.
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Generation Eight
Edward Newdick
Born in 1814; baptised on March 10, 1814 at Lakenheath, Suffolk.
Died in 1893 at Swaffham, Norfolk.

Edward married at Hockwold cum Wilton, Hockwold, Thetford, Norfolk on August 10, 1843 to Mary Palmer, a daughter of Mark Palmer and Jane Richardson, who was born circa 1826 at Wilton, Norfolk and died in 1894 at Swaffham, Norfolk. Edward and Mary had the following children:

Persons mentioned in Generation Eight
Photos courtesy of Adrian Greenwood
Edward Newdick ca. 1880

Edward Newdick
circa 1880

Mary Palmer ca. 1880

Mary Newdick (née Palmer)
circa 1880

Mark Palmer and Jane Richardson ca. 1865

Mark Palmer and Jane Richardson
circa 1865

Jane Palmer ca. 1871

Jane Richardson plus companion, 
perhaps Margaret Florence Newdick
circa 1871

Emma Maria Newdick ca. 1885

Emma Maria Newdick 
as governess in Bruxelles, Belgium
circa 1885

Sarah Ann (Sally) Newdick ca. 1910

Sarah Ann (Sally)  Newdick

Cresswell Family ca. 1894

Sarah Ann (Sally) Cresswell (née Newdick), 
with husband Charles Cresswell and their seven children.
Sally as a trained dressmaker made all the dresses and suits in the photo. The middle girl at the back is Emily Cresswell, later Greenwood, grandmother of Adrian Greenwood who kindly shared the above photos. 
Photo taken in 1894 at Bradford, Yorkshire.

Edward Newdick
courtesy Adrian Greenwood
     "Edward Newdick moved around North Suffolk and South Norfolk a great deal for a farmer with 14 children. He appears to have been born in Lakenheath, lived as a child in Eriswell, married in Hockwold cum Wilton, farmed in Wilton and later in Brandon, moved to Wrenshall (Wrens Hall), Stanton, where Sally (Sarah Ann Newdick) grew up. Thereafter he and the family moved to Hepworth, back to Stanton, back to Brandon, then to Feltwell in Norfolk and finally to Swaffham where he died.
     "His occupations read like his moves. In 1841 he was a miller, in 1851 a farmer, in 1861 an engineer (steam threshing machine), in 1871 a machinist, in 1881 a farm bailiff and in retirement in 1891 at the age of 74 finally a 'gentleman'!"
Wrens Hall, Stanton, Suffolk, 2005
Wrens Hall in Stanton, Suffolk, 2005
"This appears to  have been Sally Newdick's childhood home, although there are a number of other buildings in the tiny hamlet of what is now called Wrenshall."
Mary Palmer
courtesy Adrian Greenwood
     "The Palmers came from just over the border of Suffolk in Feltwell in Norfolk. Again this family had stayed out for generations, so it was relatively easy to trace them back throught the parish registers."

     The sampler shown here was made by Mary Palmer as a 9-year-old in 1831.

"Teach me to feel another’s woe,
To hide the fault I see;
That mercy I to others show,
That mercy show to me."
. . . from Alexander Pope, The Universal Prayer

Mary Palmer's Sampler, 1831

Generation Nine
George Robert "Bob" Newdick
Born on October 3, 1853 at Hepworth, in the District of Thingoe (now Bury St. Edmunds), Suffolk; baptised on October 19, 1853 at  Stanton, Suffolk.
Died on April 24, 1913 at Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Click to view his death registration.

Bob Newdick was a clothier or tailor; but at the time of his death he was said to have been a "sexton" or church warden. His death registration indicates that he had been ill with Bright's Disease (inflammation of the kidneys) for a year; so perhaps he had taken a less demanding position due to failing health.

Bob married first in 1879 at Swaffham, Norfolk to Jane Tooley. Jane was born in 1854 in Swaffham, Norfolk; daughter of James Tooley (born on March 25, 1800 at Flemington, Norfolk; died in 1877) and his wife Ann Atkins (born in 1814 in Norfolk; died in 1856) Ann Atkins' mother was Jane Tate (born circa 1791 at North Walsham, Norfolk.)

Bob Newdick, his wife Jane and their children were residing at 110 London Street, Swaffham in 1881 and on Market Place, Swaffham in 1887 at the time of the birth of their daughter Ida Mary Newdick. The Newdick family emigrated to Canada considering Australia and New Zealand. The Newdick Family, including parents Bob and Jane, and children Sidney, Mabel, Tooley, Muriel, Ida and Jack departed from Liverpool aboard the Parisian on October 23, 1890, bound for Montreal. Please click on Parisian for more about this ship. 

Jane died on February 24, 1898, at age 44 years after suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis for 4 years. The Newdick family was residing at 147 Tecumseth Street in Toronto at the time.

By 1901, Bob had re-married and by 1911 the Newdicks were residing at 14 Lansdowne Avenue.

Bob Newdick and his wife Jane Tooley had the following children: 

Jane Tooley died on February 24, 1898, at age 44 years after suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis for 4 years. The Newdick family was residing at 147 Tecumseth Street in Toronto at the time. Bob Newdick re-married to Minnie Richardson who was born on November 5, 1866 and was known as "The Mater." Bob and Minnie has a daughter:
  • Marjorie Yulee Lenore Newdick, born on April 20 or 21, 1901, who married patent attorney Harold Riches.  They lived on Grenadier Heights in the west end of Toronto, and had a summer cottage on the Lake of Bays. Marjorie and Harold had a daughter:
    • Margaret Riches who married Francois-Michel Messud. Their children:
      • Elizabeth Messud
      • Claire Messud
Aunt Marj in July 1964
July 1964
front row: Bruce Sewell and Donald Sewell.
back row: Stephen Sewell, Margueretta Sewell, 
Marjorie Yulee Lenore Riches (née Newdick), 
Margaret Riches and Francois-Michel Messud.

The 1911 census shows the family, including Bob, Minnie, Minnie's aged parents Benjamin Richardson (born February 1826, age 85) and Elizabeth Richardson (born May 1831, age 80) along with children Tooley (age 26), Muriel (age 24), Jack (age 22) and Marjorie (age 10) all living at 14 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, Canada. This would have been just north of Queen Street; and the homes were not very large. With seven adults and one child, the Newdick residence would likely have been considered crowded by to-day's standards.

Generation Ten
Ida Mary Newdick
Born on October 10, 1887 at Swaffham, Norfolk. Click to view her birth registration.
Died in 1974 at Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

Ida married on August 12, 1914 to Henry Charles DeQuincy Sewell. This page was set up by their grandson Robert James Sewell.

Ida had three brother and three sisters; they were a family with seven children. She used to recite Wordsworth's "We Are Seven" for us.

Ida age 16

Ida Mary Sewell (née Newdick)
Above: Ida age 16.
Right: Ida in 1952

Ida in 1952

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