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Generation Eight
Shadrack Newdick (also Shadrach, the spelling seems variable.)
Born 1816; baptised on February 3, 1816 at Lakenheath.
Shadrack married Susannah Land in 1842 and they had the following children:

  • Albert Newdick, mentioned next.
  • Katy Newdick, born 1852 at Eriswell, Suffolk.
  • Elizabeth Newdick
  • Abigail Newdick
  • Edmund Newdick
  • Agnes Newdick
  • Shadrach Newdick
  • Walter Newdick
  • Harry Newdick
  • Blanche Land Newdick

Generation Nine
Albert Newdick
Born 1846 at Eriswell, Suffolk
Albert married Ann Tomalin and they had a son:

Generation Ten
Walter John Tomalin Newdick
Born on December 24, 1874 at Egham, Surrey
Walter married  Mary Jane Eassom and they had five or six children, one or two of whom died as infants. The known children are: Generation Eleven
Ivy Newdick
Born 1905
Ivy married Mr. Kirby; their son:
Photos courtesy of Geoff Kirby
Mary Jane Eassom
Mary Jane Eassom
Walter John Tomalin Newdick
Walter John Tomalin Newdick
Margaret and Ivy
Margaret Tomalin Newdick
and Ivy Newdick
Christmas Day 1927
Walter and grandchildren
Walter John Tomalin Newdick
and three grandchildren
Ivy Newdick ca. 1925
Ivy Newdick
Circa 1925
Margaret Newdick and Geoff Kirby ca. 1940
Geoff Kirby and Margaret Tomalin Newdick
Circa 1940
Walter, Mary Jane, Ivy and Geoff
Back Row
Mary Jane (Eassom) Newdick 
Ivy (Newdick) Kirby
Walter John Tomalin Newdick

Geoff Kirby

circa 1941

Geoff Kirby and parents ca. 1941
Geoff Kirby and his parents
Circa 1941
Geoff, Ivy, Margaret, son.
Geoff Kirby, his mother Ivy, 
Margaret Tomalin Newdick and her son. 
Ivy and William
Ivy and William
in the mid 1960's

William Albert Newdick 
William spent most of his life in the Royal Navy serving throughout World War 2
and retiring in the 1960s. He died in the mid 1970s
William Albert Newdick
William Albert Newdick

Family Reunion 2012
Geoff Kirby (5th from right) wrote:
"Two weeks ago we had a reunion with the four cousins on my mother’s side"

Sandy, Carole, Andrew, Ian, Geoff, Lynne, Malcolm and Helen
Family Reunion 2012
Photo  2012 Carol Clancy and to be used for private purposes only; not for commercial purposes.  

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