Emma Oldham/Newdick
1878 - ?
Birth Registration

Emma Oldham/Newdick's birth registration was shared by Adrian Greenwood.

Birth registrations may be located on an index at Free BMD
and a copies ordered from the General Register Office.

Here is the complete document. Scroll down for an enlargement.
Emma Oldham/Newdick Birth Registration

Here are enlargments of the "important" parts of Emma's Birth Registration.
Birth Registration Left Side
Birth Registration Right Side
Note on Emma's Birth Registration
Note on Emma's Birth Registration

     When Emma's birth was registered on December 23, 1878 the parents were shown as Jane Oldham (formerly Newdick) and Thomas Oldham.

     On October 4, 1888 Jane had Thomas Oldham omitted, her name changed to Jane Newdick and Emma became Emma Newdick.  We can only guess that Jane had in some way separated from or  "broken up with" Thomas Oldham and decided to revert to her maiden name.

     It is an interesting coincidence that the Superintendent Registrar who made this change over 120 years ago was named "Robt. Sewell", the same name as the author of this page who is Emma's cousin twice removed.


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