Will of Edward Hensby

Edward Hensby, father of Elizabeth Hensby, signed a will on August 18, 1819.
Thanks to Judy Brodie for transcribing and sharing this will.
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To my son Edward 8 acres of land in the New Fen and 3 and a half acres in Stallode Fen also an acre of arable land in the field which premises are freehold and were late William Kitcheners. 2 x 8 acre parts late Cad??ys and 8 acres late ??les all in Stallode Fen, copyhold of manor of Lakenheath also 8 acres in New Fen aforesaid late Thomas Kitcheners Copyhold of the manor of Undley all in Lakenheath.
To my son William House and homestead with the Barn Stables Wagon Lodges and the outbuildings and appurtenances thereunto belonging as the same are now in my occupation. 8 acres called the Barnpiece Freehold late Mortlocks. 16 acres of land called Broad corner in Turf Fen late Thomas Kitcheners Copyhold of the manor of Undley.
To my daughter Elizabeth wife of Philip Newdick. 2 x 8 acres in New Fen and 4 acres of land in White Fen all late Longs and copyhold of manor of Lakenheath (given for her life and then to her children lawfully begotton as shall be living at her death) also 100
To my granddaughters Littice?? the wife of John Aves, Mary Sayles, Elizabeth Taylor and grandson John Taylor the sum of 25 apiece.
To my sister Littice the sum of 19 Guineas to be paid to her in such a manner and at such times as my executors shakll think proper.
Residue of my estate to Edward, William and Elizabeth
Edward signed X
Probate(sub 800) granted 6th July 1825 to Executors (Edward and William)

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