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    We have a collection of tombstone photographs many of which were shared by others and some of which were taken personally by Robert Sewell. Some of these photos are posted on this site and some are posted at's "virtual cemetery".

    All these tombstone photos are linked to within this website; but here is an index.  Simply click on the name to visit the tombstone.If you have any tombstone photos, please send to Robert Sewell and I will post them here as well.

Sewell / Sewall Tombstone Index
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Henry Sewall This is the "first Henry" who came to Massachusetts in 1634 and died there in 1700.
{Judge} Samuel Sewall
This is the famous Samuel Sewall
Thanks to cousin Estelle Hughes
for the photo of Uncle Samuel's tomb.
Jonathan Sewell (II)
This is Jonathan Sewall / Sewell,
the last Attorney General of the Province of Massachusetts before the revolution.
Jonathan Sewell (III)
This is {Hon} Jonathan Sewell
Chief Justice of Lower Canada
Thanks to Derek Hill
Henrietta Eliza Sewell The younger sister of Rev. Henry Doyle Sewell who married Dr. Lundy, moved to Niagara 
and died there in 1847, æt 39.
Henrietta Eliza Sewell The Sewell Family sent a plaque which 
is inside St. Mark's in Niagara on the Lake.
Charles Randolph Montgomery Sewell A son Rev. Edmund Willoughby Sewell
from whose "Journal" much of our family history for this series of pages has come.
Harry  and Ida Sewell
Henry Charles DeQuincy "Harry" Sewell and his wife Ida were grandparents of 
Robert Sewell who set up these pages.
Colonel Dummer Sewall Dummer was a great grandson of John Sewall.  A descendant of Dummer Sewall is
Mr. Charles Sewall of Chesterville, Maine.
Henry and Nannie Sewell This family came from Westmoreland.
A descendant is Don Sewell of California.
We are looking for the family connection.
Thomas Sewell Son of Henry and Nannie Sewell, above.
Lumley Cemetery Stone
James Henry Lumley and his wife Margaretta were grandparents of Robert Sewell.
Other Lumleys are buried here as well. 
Lumley at Winterton
Lumley Family cemetery stones 
at Winterton, Lincolnshire, England.
Thanks to Tim and Charlotte Lumley.
Booth at Winterton
BoothFamily cemetery stones 
at Winterton, Lincolnshire, England.
Thanks to Tim and Charlotte Lumley.
James Panton and 
Susannah Spence
{Capt.} James Panton and his family 
came to Canada in the mid 19th century.
David Thomson
David and his wife Mary Glendenning
are not Sewell ancestors.
David Thomson and his family came to Canada in the late 18th century. They were the first white settlers in Scarborough, Ontario.
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