The Lumley Family
Robert Sewell    This page was set up by Robert Sewell in June 2006 to show the family of his mother, Margueretta Mae Lumley.  Robert Sewell graduated from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) in 1967 with a B.Sc. degree in chemistry.  After a year of studies at the University of Toronto's College of Education, he taught high school science in Collingwood, Ontario for a year and then taught chemistry, physics and general science in Hamilton, Ontario for twenty-nine years.  Robert Sewell retired from teaching in June 1998.

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Information has been provided through the courtesy of Margueretta Mae Lumley, Linda Adam, Tim Lumley and Tony Parsons; and also comes from the Archives of the Province of Ontario.

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Be sure to visit the The Heraldry of Lumley for more coats of arms.

Some of the persons named below are buried at St. James' Cemetery in Toronto, Ontario.  To view the cemetery marker, please click on Lumley Cemetery Stone.  It would be much appreciated if anyone with additional information would contact Linda and Robert through the email link above.

Armorial bearings of Lumley

Possible Early Lumley Family

The four generations shown next were researched by Tony Parsons who wrote on September 14, 2007:

"I have looked through information on the Mormon International Genealogical Index and found the following possible ancestors for Thomas. . . . Dates are generally of christenings. . . . Of course whether this is 'our' Thomas Lumley's ancestor is unproven conjecture at the moment."

Generation One
Christofer Lumbley
circa late 16th century, early to mid 17th century (?)

Christofer married (unknown) Duglasse and they had the following children:

  • Thomas b. 1608 d. 1608 
  • Brian b. 1609
  • William b. 1611
  • Antonie b. 1613 d. 1613
  • John b. 1614, d. 1616
  • Michell Lumley, mentioned next.
  • Elizabeth b. 1626
  • Martha b. 1628

Note: about this time, Robert Lumley of West Halton had the following children:

  • Jillian Lumley b. 1618
  • Elizabeth Lumley b. 1619

Generation Two
Mitchell Lumley
Born 1617 at West Halton, Lincolnshire. West Halton is about a mile and a half north-west of Winterton and about 8 miles west of Barton-upon-Humber. For the exact location of West Halton and other places mentioned on this page, try searching at MultiMap.

Mitchell married in 1656 at Appleby to Anne Crust, who was born in 1628 at West Halton. Anne was a daughter of Richard Crust and sister of John Crust (b.1630) and Elizabeth Crust (b. 1634).

Mitchell and Ann had the following children:

There is a gap of 14 years between the marriage of Mitchell and Ann in 1656 and the birth of what appears to be the first child in 1670. Perhaps there were other earlier births outside of Lincolnshire?

Generation Three
Thomas Lumley
Born 1677 at Appleby, Lincolnshire, about 8 miles south of Winterton.

Thomas married Hannah (unknown) and they had the following children:

  • Austin Lumley b. 1704 
  • Thomas Lumley b. 1710
  • John Lumley, mentioned next.
  • Margarett Lumley b. 1718

Generation Four
John Lumley
Born 1716 at West Halton, Lincolnshire.

John married in 1740 at Roxby (about a mile south west of Winterton) to Isabel Anderson and they had the following children:

  • Austin Lumley b. 1742 
  • William Lumley b. 1744
  • Hannah Lumley b. 1747
  • John Lumley b. 1750
  • Lettice Lumley b. 1754
  • Thomas Lumley, born in 1757 at West Halton, Lincolnshire.
  • Anderson Lumley b. 1762 d. 1762
At this point, there is a problem. Is Thomas Lumley, son of John Lumley and Isabel Anderson (above) the same person as Thomas Lumley who married Mary Elsom (below)?  The dates "fit" and people are from the same general neighbourhood. Although Thomas and Mary (below) were married in Kirton about 50 miles south of Winterton, it would appear they had a connection with Winterton. Their son George Lumley married Rebecca Gell of Winterton;  George and Rebecca's children were all born in Winterton.

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The genealogy from this point onwards 
is the result of meticulous and painstaking research 
by Linda Adam, Tim Lumley, Tony Parsons and Robert Sewell. 
The line shown is thought to be "good."

Generation One
Thomas Lumley

Thomas married in 1790 at Kirton, Lincolnshire to Mary Elsom. Kirton is located in the southern part of Lincolnshire, about 4 miles south of Boston immediately west of the A16. Thomas and Mary had the following children:

Generation Two
George Lumley
baptized on September 7, 1795.
died between January and March 1868 at Glanford Brigg, North Lincolnshire, England; Ęt. 72. (George's death was registered during the March Quarter 1868.)

George was a bricklayer. He married on July 6, 1819 at Winterton, Lincolnshire (or at Holy Trinity of Kingston upon Thames) to Rebecca Gell, daughter of Edmund Gell, shown below.Witnesses to the wedding of George Lumley and Rebecca Gell were John Gell and Hannah Gell. Rebecca was baptized on January 11, 1801 at Winterton, Lincolnshire; and died on December 30, 1891 and buried on January 2, 1892; Ęt. 91.

George and Rebecca had the following children:

All Saints Anglican Church at Winterton, Lincolnshire
Winterton All Saints Winterton is in the north of Lincolnshire, about 8 miles north of Scunthorpe and a mile and a half south of the River Humber. The name Winterton is from the Old English Wintra+inga+tun, or "Homestead of the followers of Wintra". In the 1086 Domesday Book, the village name is given as "Wintrintune". 

A Roman villa stood at Winterton and some of its mosaics and artifacts have been recovered. Holy Well, near the village, was considered a medicinal cure by the ancients. William the Conqueror granted Lordship of Winterton to Norman D'Arcy, whose descendants held it for several centuries. 

The Anglican church tower and nave at Winterton may have an Anglo-Saxon origin. The Anglican Church is dedicated to All Saints.

Text courtesy of  Lincolnshire GenWeb Project.

Photo courtesy of  English Church Photographs.

The Gell Family
Edmund Gell
born circa 1765
died in August 1828, buried on August 26, 1828 Ęt. 63.
Edmund Gell married Susanna Wells on May 18, 1790 at Wootton, Lincolnshire.  Susanna died in November 1841 and was buried on November 27, 1841 at Winterton, North Lincolnshire, Ęt. 68.
Edmund and Susanna had the following children:
  • Ann Gill, a possible first child, was baptized on  March 1, 1791 at Healing, Lincolnshire.  The parents were said to be "Father: Edmund Gill" and "Mother: Susanna".
  • John Gell was baptized on September 30, 1795 at Winterton, died in October 1837, and was buried on October 31, 1837 at Winterton, Lincolnshire.
  • Elizabeth Gell was baptized on March 25, 1798 at Winterton, Lincolnshire.
  • Rebecca Gell who married on July 6, 1819 to George Lumley, mentioned above.
  • Hannah Gell was baptized on June 1, 1803 at Winterton, Lincolnshire.
St. Andrews Anglican Church at Wootton, Lincolnshire
St. Andrews at Wooton Edward Gell and Susanna Wells were married in Wootton, Lincolnshire and  St. Andrew Church which is the Parish Church in Wootton where they were most likely married.

Wootton is a small village lying some 8 miles north-east of Brigg on the A1077 road to Barton-upon-Humber.

Photo courtesy of: 
Lincolnshire Parish Churches
English Church Photographs.

Possible Gell Relatives
  • Edward Gell had a son Edward Gell who was baptized on December 3, 1780 at Eastrington, Yorkshire and are possible relatives of Edmund Gell, born circa 1765.
  • John Gell from Crosby who was buried at Winterton, Lincolnshire on August 20, 1871 Ęt. 49 and Ann Gell from Crosby who was buried at Winterton, Lincolnshire on October 2, 1872 Ęt. 51 are likely relatives of this Gell Family.  John may be a son of John Gell (1795 - 1837) who was a witness at the wedding of Rebecca Gell and George Lumley.
  • Click to visit John and Ann's Cemetery Stone.

Generation Three
Mary Gell Lumley
baptized on August 2, 1829 at Winterton, Lincolnshire.
died June 10, 1910 Ęt. 81  See the Lumley / Booth Cemetery Stone.
Please visit our Heraldry of Lumley page for more about various Lumley Coats of Arms.
Mary married James Booth, a native of Yorkshire
    who died on February 16, 1880 Ęt. 59.

Hannah Lumley
baptized on July 14, 1833 at Winterton, Lincolnshire.
died on July 9, 1854 Ęt. 21  See the Lumley / Booth Cemetery Stone.
Hannah married Joseph Booth
    who died on June 20, 1869 Ęt. 44.

George Lumley
born on May 14, 1838 and baptized on May 20, 1838 at Winterton
died on December 7, 1906.
George married first to Emily Holmes (daughter of John and Ann Holmes), who was born in 1843 and died on September 14, 1880 and was buried on September 17, 1880 at Winterton, Lincolnshire, Ęt. 37 or 38. According to the 1881 census, George and his mother Rebecca were living on Low Street, Winterton, Lincolnshire.
George Lumley married second to Lucretia Kirman (daughter of James Alfred Kirman and Betsy Cross), who was born circa 1851 Roxby, Lincolnshire.  According to the 1901 census, George, Lucretia, their three children, and Lucretia's parents were all living on Low Street, Winterton, Lincolnshire.

Click to visit the Cemetery Stones of:
John and Ann Holmes      Emily and George Lumley       James and Betsey Kirman

George and Lucretia had the following children:

Edmund Gell Lumley
baptized on May 28, 1840 at Winterton, Lincolnshire.
died on July 21, 1896  See the Lumley / Booth Cemetery Stone.

     Edmund Gell Lumley married on August 2, 1869 at St. Bartholomew’s Parish Church, Keelby, Lincolnshire to Elizabeth Markham, daughter of Andrew Markham, labourer; by {Rev} J.M. Holt, Vicar of St. Bartholomew’s.  Edmund and Elizabeth emigrated to Canada and were living in Georgetown, Ontario in 1873 at the time of birth of their eldest son Edmund "Ted" Lumley.

St. Bartholomew's Parish Church, Keelby, Lincolnshire
St. Bartholomew's, Keelby
St. Batholomew's
photo courtesy of
St. Bartholomew's Church
(Their web site is no longer available)
photo courtesy of
Keelby Village, Lincolnshire
(Their website is no longer available)
    Edmund Gell Lumley was employed with "the railroad".  It is unclear if this was the Grand Trunk Railway or the Northern and Northwestern Railway which was also known as the Hamilton and Northwestern Railway. There was also an electric radial railway that ran through Georgetown at a later date. He is described on his marriage certificate and on the birth record his son James Henry Lumley as a "bricklayer". 

    The Lumley Family moved to Toronto and were living at 262 Gerrard Street in 1881 at the the time of the birth of their son William Lumley.  The family moved to 348 Sackville Street in Toronto; it is unclear if this was before or after Edmund's death.  M.M. Sewell remembers Elizabeth Markham in the early 1930's as wearing black all the time and lying on the chesterfield most of the time.  Elizabeth Markham died on June 18, 1940 Ęt. 94 and is interred at St. James' Cemetery, Toronto, Canada.

Map of Halton, 1885
Map of Halton
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for a larger view
on a new page.
    Edmund and Elizabeth had the following children:

Generation Four

Leonard Lumley
Born in 1887 at Winterton
Died on  March 7, 1931 at Winterton.
Leonard married Dorothy Holgate Booth who was born circa 1886 and died on December 1, 1962 at Winterton. Click to visit Leonard and Dorothy's Cemetery Stone or the Booth Family Stones.

Leonard and Dorothy had three children:

Sherburn Villas
"Sherburn Villas are the two semi detached houses that Leonard and his brother James built."
Sherburn Villa View 1
Sherburn Villa View 2
"Leonard and his wife Dorothy lived in the right hand side house.  After the death of Leonard and Dorothy their daughter Doreen continued to live there until her death in June 2000." "The one to the left is where James and his wife Lizzie lived.  This was sold some time ago on the death of Lizzie."
. . .thanks to Tim Lumley

James Henry Lumley
Born on January 22, 1878 at Georgetown, Ontario
Died on December 12, 1957 Ęt. 79  See the Lumley / Booth Cemetery Stone.

    James Henry Lumley was a bookbinder, and he worked for the Blackwood Hodge printing and bookbinding company.  In 1914, he left Blackwood Hodge and formed the Lumley and Hewitt bookbinding company in partnership with Mr. James Hewitt who died in the late 1940's leaving James Lumley with sole ownership of the bookbinding company.

Lumley and Hewitt, Bookbinders
Jim Lumley and Jim Hewitt
The Bookbinding Shop of Lumley and Hewitt
James H. Lumley 
James Hewitt
The bookbinding shop of Lumley and Hewitt circa 1915 
Mr. James H. Lumley at the front left
Mr. James Hewitt at the front right.

    James Henry Lumley married Margaretta Furse who was born on November 8, 1891 and died on July 16, 1958.  Please click on The Furse Family for details.
Margaretta and James are shown in the photograph circa 1940.
They had the following children: Edmund "Ted" Lumley
Born on September 5, 1873 at Georgetown, Ontario

    Ted "retired" young and had a small farm on Eglington Avenue as well as two small houses that he rented out.  The farm was on the radial (electric) railway that ran from Toronto north to Newmarket and beyond; and he planned on shipping vegetables to Toronto.  By the 1920's (or early 1930's at the latest) the railway service closed and Ted had a difficult time.  However, whenever visiting his brother's family (James Henry Lumley, above) Ted and his children always wore their "Sunday best" attire.

Ted married  Effie who worked on Ted's farm and died young.  They had the following children:

Charlotte Lumley
Born on May 28, 1876
Died on April 27, 1877 Ęt. 11 months.

Charlotte's Cemetery Marker    Charlotte Lumley was buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Georgetown in Section E Plot 12 (E-PO12).  The cemetery records spell her name "Charlot Lumely" (which is incorrect) and specify:  "Charlot Lumely Apr 28 1877 11 months old.  Daughter of Edmund and Elizabeth".  There appears to be room for seven more full burials at this site.  The stone pictured to the right was covered with dark green lichen, and on Tuesday, December 10, 2002  Robert Sewell (shown kneeling next to the stone) and his long time friends Mr. & Mrs. M. Koropchuk carefully scraped away the lichens using a plastic kitchen scraper and scrubber.  The stone is about three feet high and is made of marble.  

Rebecca Markham “Aunt Lottie” Lumley
Born on March 3, 1884
Died in 1974  See the Lumley / Booth Cemetery Stone. The inscription for Aunt Lottie on the cemetery stone clearly indicates that she died in 1975, but this is wrong. Records show that her remains were interred in May 1974.

     Rebecca Markham Lumley was known as "Lottie", in all likelyhood in honour of her deceased sister Charlotte Lumley (above).

  Aunt Lottie lived with her mother at 348 Sackville Street where they brought up Eddie Lumley, a son of Lottie’s brother William who disappeared into the U.S.A. Aunt Lottie inherited the house when her mother died in 1940.  Aunt Lottie liked cats and children.

    Aunt Lottie married George Coyles (1888 - 1966) who had children, adults by that time, by a previous marriage.

JimBettyGeneration Five
James Edmond Lumley
Born on August 11, 1915
Died on April 14, 1980  See the Lumley / Booth Cemetery Stone.

    James (Jim) Lumley married circa 1945 to Elizabeth E. (Betty) McCubbing and they are shown in the photographs at about this time.  Betty McCubbing's parents came to Canada from Scotland in 1901 and settled in northern Saskatchewan near Unity which is about 100 miles west north west of Saskatoon.
Betty was born on June 2, 1917 and died on May 10, 1982.

    Jim and Betty had the following children:

Margueretta Mae Lumley
Margueretta Mae LumleyBorn on December 24, 1919
Died on February 11, 2007
Click for Margueretta's Memorial Page.

    Margueretta (shown in the photograph circa 1937) married on July 3, 1942 to Robert George Sewell.  For the descent of Robert George Sewell, please click on The Sewell Family or click on Sewell Genealogy Site Map.

    Margueretta and Robert had the following children:

George William Henry Lumley
Born on April 4, 1925
Died on September 30, 2002.  Click to visit George Lumley's Cemetery Site.
George married Pat and they had a son:
Durley House
Durley House
      "The detached house to the left of Sherburn Villas (Durley House) is the house my father George and mother Pat built when they married in 1951.  This was on land given to them by the family as a wedding present.

      "Mother continues to live there at the moment.  She is due to have a bungalow on the new development behind Sherburn Villas and Durley House."

 . . . thanks to Tim Lumley

Generation Six
William James "Bill" Lumley
Bill married first to Ruth Linda, and they had the following children: Bill had additional children through a second marriage.

Lynda Jean Lumley
Lynda married to Gord Martin, and they had the following children:

Tim Lumley
Tim Lumley has kindly shared the details of this branch of our family, many of whom live in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.  Tim is a lawyer and property developer in Lincolnshire.

Tim married and had a daughter:

Please visit our Heraldry of Lumley page for various Lumley Coats of Arms.

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