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Robert SewellThis page was set up by Robert Sewell in June 2006 to show the possible relationships between various Sewell / Sewall families.  Robert Sewell graduated from McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) in 1967 with a B.Sc. degree in chemistry.  After a year of studies at the University of Toronto's College of Education, he taught high school science in Collingwood, Ontario for a year and then taught chemistry, physics and general science in Hamilton, Ontario for twenty-nine years.  Robert Sewell retired from teaching in June 1998.

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In general, we are certainly related if one or more of the following apply:

As well, we are likely related if your name is "Sewall".  Strange as it may seem, we may be less closely related if your name is "Sewell".  Click Here for details.


Sewell, Sewall and Shewell
Anna Sewell, author of "Black Beauty"
Sewells of Maryland
Sewell Family from Quebec
Family of Dominicus Sewell
Sewells of Norway
Sewells of Chile, India and British Columbia
Sewells of Rutlandshire
Sewells of Westmoreland and Niagara
Sewells of Essex
Sewells of Vermont
Sewells of Kirkland Lake and Sarnia 
Sewells of Kingston and Chatham-Kent
Sewell and Trollope
Another Sewell Family
Sewells Road, Scarborough, Ontario
More Sewells
The Arms of Sewell
Don't Give Up!

Sewall, Sewell and Shewell

    Our family who came to New England in 1634 spelled the name "Sewall" at that time.  Previously, "Shewell" had sometimes been used.  It seems that shortly after 1634, the Sewalls remaining in England began to spell the name "Sewell".  Jonathan Sewall (II), the last Attorney General of Massachusetts before the American Revolution, changed the spelling of our name to "Sewell".  Our relatives who remained in what was to become the United States retained the "Sewall" spelling.

Anna Sewell and "Black Beauty"

    The following information on the family of Anna Sewell who wrote "Black Beauty" in the 1870's is summarized from the Dictionary of National Biography (Sidney Lee, Editor), Volume LI, pages 287 - 288 (London, 1897).  A connection, if any, with our Sewall/Sewell family must have been two centuries or more before the time of Anna Sewell, who died unmarried in April 1878.

Generation One
John Holmes of Tivetshall, Norfolk had a daughter:

Generation Two
Ann Holmes married John Wright, a gentleman farmer in Suffolk.  John gave up farming circa 1809 and joined in business with a shipowner in Yarmouth.  Ann and John had a daughter:

Generation Three
Mary Holmes (born on April 6, 1797 at Sutton, Suffolk; died on June 10, 1884) married in 1819 to Isaac Sewell (died on November 7, 1878), youngest son of William Sewell of Great Yarmouth.
    Isaac Sewell kept a small shop near Bishopsgate Street, London and later travelled for a large Nottingham lace factory.  In 1835, he was appointed manager of the London and County Joint-Stock Bank at Brighton.  The Sewells lived at Brighton and subsequently at Lancing, Hayward's Heath and later at Grayling Wells.
    Mary and Isaac had two children:

Generation Four
Anna Sewell (born on March 30, 1820; died in April 1878)
    "In 1871 she began in intervals of sickness to write her attractive 'autobiography' of a horse; it was published in 1877 under the title of 'Black Beauty', and had a remarkable success (nearly a hundred thousand copies had been sold by 1894, when a new edition appeared).  Miss Sewell died in April 1878"

from the Dictionary of National Biography (Sidney Lee, Editor), Volume LI, page 288 (London, 1897)
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Sewalls of Maryland

    Henry Sewall and his family came to Maryland in 1661.  This Henry was a cousin of our ancestor {Rev} Henry Sewall (III) who came to Massachusetts in 1634 and a grandson of Henry Sewall (I) of Coventry, Warwickshire (1544 - 1628)  Henry was a planter in St. Mary's County and Secretary of the Province of Maryland.

    Henry Sewall married Jane Lowe (died 1700/1) circa 1650 and they had the following children:

  1. {Major} Nicholas Sewall (1655 - 1737) m. (before 1685) Susanne Burgess (ca. 1657 - 1737); their daughter: 
  2. Jane Sewall (ca. 1685 - 1761) m. (1704) Clement Brooke; their daughter: 
  3. Elizabeth Brooke (1709 - 1761) m. Charles Carroll; their son: 
  4. Charles Carroll (1737 - 1832), a Maryland signer of the American Declaration of Independence. See Wikipedia for more on Charles Carroll.
 A great granddaughter of  Nicholas and Susanna was Susan (also Susanna) Sewall (1772 - 1822) who married James Hoban who is best remembered as the designer of the American Presidential Residence known as "The White House." This descent may be summarised as follows:
  1. {Major} Nicholas Sewall (1655 - 1737) m. (before 1685) Susanne Burgess (ca. 1657 - 1737); their son:
  2. Clement Sewall (d.1740) m. Mary Smith (1712-1761); their son:
  3. Henry Sewall (1737 - 1779) m. Mary Smith (d.1794); their daughter:
  4. Susan (also Susanna) Sewall (1772 - 1822) m.(1799) James Hoban (1755 - 1831) who designed "The White House."  See Wikipedia for more on James Hoban.
Perhaps the following table with colour coded names will help illustrate this convoluted story. 
Jane Lowe married first circa 1650 Henry Sewall (d. 1664 or 1665) and secondly in 1666 Charles Calvert, later 3rd Lord Baltimore. The youngest daughter of Jane Lowe and Henry Sewall was:
  • Jane Sewall who married in 1681 Philip Calvert (1626 - 1682), an uncle of Charles Calvert. Thus, Jane Sewall married her stepfather's uncle. 
(Please send suggestions to Robert Sewell)
George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore married twice. Among his children were:
  • Cecil Calvert, 2nd Lord Baltimore, son and heir; his son:
    • Charles Calvert, later 3rd Lord Baltimore who married in 1666 Jane Lowe, widow of Henry Sewall.
  • Philip Calvert, youngest son by George Calvert's second marriage. Philip married Jane Sewall.

    Henry Sewall returned to England in 1664 and died shortly thereafter. His widow Jane married in 1666 Charles Calvert (1637 - 1714/15), Governor of Maryland and later 3rd Lord Baltimore. For Jane's ancestry, please see Ancestors of Jane Lowe.

Reference: Douglas Richardson: Plantagenet Ancestry, Baltimore, Maryland, 2004 pages 183, 469, 774 and references given therein.

    Lewis Sewall, a great X2 grandson of Henry Sewall and Jane Lowe, moved from Maryland to Alabama in 1801. Please see a poem written by Lewis Sewall, circa 1820.

Sewell Family from Quebec
Thanks to Louise Pomeroy for sharing this genealogy. 
Louise has traced her French Canadian roots back to the 16th century 
and is looking for information on her Sewell ancestry.
William Sewell married Anne Law
James Sewell married  Bedelia Condron (aka Bridget Connery or Conrey)
Belinda Sewell married Patrick Charles Walsh
Belinda and Patrick were married at St. Patrick's, Quebec City, Quebec on July 27, 1880
Patrick died in Montreal about 1918 and Belinda died before 1904.
Joseph Patrick Walsh married Angelina Turgeon
Joseph and Angelina were married at Montreal, Quebec on April 23, 1907
Elsie Walsh married Georges Henri Bertrand
Elsie and Georges married at Montreal, Quebec on June 28, 1933
Louise Kathleen Bertrand married Frederick E. Pomeroy, Jr.
Louise and Frederick were married at Montreal, Quebec on January 16, 1965

Louise Pomeroy (née Bertrand) of New Hampshire and formerly of Lexington, Masschausetts
was born in  Montreal and is the first of this family to leave Quebec.
Please direct any information on this family to Louise Pomeroy and Robert Sewell.

Family of Dominicus Sewell

    Dominicus Sewell married Sarah Thorndike who was born on January 18, 1736 at Beverly, Massachusetts. Dominicus and Sarah had several children in Massachusetts and the family moved to Nova Scotia in the 1760's. Dominicus Sewell's will was read in 1822. Many descendants live in New Brunswick.

Click to see Photos shared by Inez Morehouse of Saint John, New Brunswick.

Click for The Family of Dominicus Sewell in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 

To save this file, right click the link, select "Save Target As . . ." (or whatever it is) and carry on.

Sewells of Norway
    David Widerberg Howden of Tønsberg in the county of Vestfold (Southwest for Oslo) wrote in November 2002; and shared the following family history: 

    "In Norway there are only five persons named Sewell.  They all live in Horten in the county of Vestfold.

    "The family crest that I've sent to you was brought to Norway in the 18th century; with it there was an ancestry table dating back to Robert Sewell of Stanfield Hall.

    "My version of were we got our name from is from the place 'Southwell' on the eastcoast".

Visit David Widerberg Howden's Family Tree

Sewell of Bracon Ash

David Widerberg Howden's page at the
Norwegian Genealogical Society

(in Norwegian . . . English version to come)

David Widerberg Howden
can be contacted at:

Sewell of Norway

The motto of this family is: 
"industria sui præmium" 
which loosely translated means
"diligence and industry 
        is itself a reward."

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Sewells of Chile, India and British Columbia
     Judy Wright's great grandfather served as Superintendant of Police in Bengal, India and her greatX2 grandfather, {Major} Richard Manuel Sewell (1835- 1873) lived in Valparaiso, Chile where he was involved with mining interests.  We wondered if he had a connection with the Sewell Copper Mine; but this appears unlikely. The mine opened in 1905 and wasn't given the Sewell name until 1915. This was in memory of the recently deceased company executive Barton Sewell of New York. Barton Sewell was a strong supporter of developing this mine; but never visited Chili. 

     Judy's father (who died in 1992) had the coat of arms pictured to the right that are basically the same as those used by the Sewell Family from Coventry.

A summary of this family is given below. 
Please send any information to:
Judy Wright and Robert Sewell

Judy Wright's Sewell Arms
Generation One
Henry Sewell joined the firm of Chase, Chinnery and Chase in 1798. He was a naval officer and also Mayor of Madras before his death in May 1800
Henry married Rebecca, and they had born Fort St George, Madras, Tamil Nadu, India:
  • Henry Sewell born in 1792
  • Rebecca Sewell born in 1795
  • Richard Sewell born in 1796
  • Thomas Sewell born in 1798
  • John Sewell born in 1799

Generation Two
Thomas Sewell was an officer in the Bengal Army in India. He married first in 1828 to Mary Susanna Hay and second in 1842 to Adéle Abbot. Thomas was made an honorary Major General at the time of his retirement on December 31, 1861. He died on September 18, 1862 at London.
Descendants please email Judy Wright.

John Sewell was a mining proprietor in Chili, South America. 
John married Juana, and had children:

  • {Major} Richard Manuel Sewell
  • Francis Arthur Bash Sewell 
  • (born in 1849 in Wales)
  • Adeline Edith Rebecca Sewell 
  • (born 1851 in England)
  • another son 
  • (married Sophia; died before 1881)
Generation Three
{Major} Richard Manuel Sewell was born in 1835 at Valparaiso, Chili and died in 1873 at Rohtah, India where he was the superintendent of Police Bengal Staff Corps. 
Richard married Agnes Jane Beck in India and had children:
  • Agnes Juanita Helen Grace Sewell 
  • (born in 1868)
    John Bracken Sewell

Generation Four
John Bracken Sewell was born in 1871 at Dharmsala, India. He came to Canada in 1888 and married Hannah Hatherly Maynard in 1903.
John and Hannah had a son:

  • Albert Bracken Sewell

Generation Five
Albert Bracken Sewell was born 1907 and died in 1992 at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 
Albert had a daughter:

  • Judy Sewell who married Mr. Wright

Generation Six
Judy Wright who lives in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada.  Click below to send an email

Email to Judy

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Sewells of Rutlandshire

    The late Mrs. Ruth Summers was descended from Thomas Sewell who married Mary Hartshorne in October 1707 at Langham, Rutlandshire.  Ruth Summers had traced the family down to the present day, but we can't find any connection between our families.

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Sewells of Westmoreland and Niagara

    There is a Sewell gravestone at St. Mark's Church in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario.  It can be seen at the Genealogy.com Virtual Cemetery.  Buried at St. Mark's are the Henry Sewell Family and the Thomas Sewell Family.  Robert Sewell has had contact with a descendent of this family, Mr. Don Sewell of California.  The really frustrating aspect of this situation is that Don recollects his grandfather stating that their family is descended from a Mayor of Coventry, but we can't find the connection!

    For a "parfit gentil knyght" who also hails from Westmoreland, be sure to visit Dominic Sewell .
For more on historical reproduction items, visit Historic Enterprises.

Arms of Sewell of Essex
Sewells of Essex

    This Sewell family lived at Great Henny, Hinckford Hundred, Essex. Robert Sewell was granted the arms "Argent on a bend Gules three martlets of the first" in 1667.  

    Robert Sewell married 1st about 1648 to Dorothy Ryves, daughter of Richard Ryves and Dorothy Gold of Shaftesbury, Dorset.

    Robert married 2nd in 1664 to Jane Ryves, a cousin of his first wife Dorothy and a daughter of Brune Ryves and Kathryn Waldrum. Brune Ryves was the Dean of Windsor, and as such, was spiritual head of the Canons of St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, England.  For further details, try looking up "Dean of Windsor" at Wikipedia or on a search engine.

   Some online genealogies have referred to Jane Ryves' father as "the Duke of Windsor." See below for details.

   For more on this family, please click to Contact Raelene Yeates.  


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Sewells of Vermont

    Joseph Sewell was given a land grant in Quebec, and it has been suggested he was a United Empire Loyalist.  However, he also took a Freeman's Oath at the Alburg, Vermont town meeting of 1792.  Perhaps he was a "late loyalist"; many of whom came to British North America years after the conclusion of the American Revolution.

    A grandson, Joseph Kirkland Sewell, resided in Quebec circa 1843, but had ties to Illinois.  Joseph Kirkland Sewell's son Luman Algernon Sewell resided in Daysville, Ohio; Toronto, Ontario; and also in Iowa.  He fought in the American Civil War.

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Sewells of Kirkland Lake and Sarnia, Ontario

    Carolynn McCully of Sarnia wrote in September 2001:

    "John Roland Sewell (b. 1863 England, d. 1929 Kirkland Lake Ontario) John was married to Carolina Lovella Maude Sibly (b. 1874 England, d. 1963  Kirkland Lake Ontario).  According to the family there doesn't seem to be any marriage certificate.  The union took place in England.  My grandmother and one of her sisters were born in England.

    "John Roland Sewell is my Great grandfather on my father's side.  My grandmother Madeline Olwen née Sewell told me that her father John Roland was a first cousin to Anna Sewell author of 'Black Beauty' and that there was a town or area of some kind in England named after the family. She also said that her father was at one time a Rev. of the Anglican Church before coming to Canada. There was some kind of 'scandal' and he and his family (from Maude Sibly) were 'disowned' so to speak. His sisters did come to Canada for his funeral (they paid for the funeral) and made sure he was buried 'in the cloth', however they did not want anything to do with his family."

    In late October 2010, it was reported that are at least three different Sewell Families in the Sarnia area who cannot find a connection with each other. Two of these families appear to have come from Ireland in the 19th and 20th centuries. One family came from the Carrickfergus, Belfast area of Northern Ireland.

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Sewells of Kingston and Chatham-Kent

   This family appears to have come from Co. Carlow in Ireland. David Sewell and his wife Sarah Ann (née McKeever) were in the Kingston, Ontario area from the 1840's to about 1868 when they moved to Chicago, Illinois. They moved back to Chatham-Kent, Ontario in 1877.
   For further information, please contact Fred Sewell   sewellf(at)aol.com  Please replace (at) with @.

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Sewell and Trollope

    Carol Trollope wrote about a Sewell connection:

    "Anne Sewell married Thomas Trollope b. 1797 (Surgeon), in England.  Thomas was the son of Rev. Thomas Daniel Trollope b. 1760 d. 1828, who married Anne Trollope dau. of Rev. John Trollope bn. 1729, married to Anne Guyon."

    Thus, Carol has the following line:

{Rev} John Trollope (born 1729) married Anne Guyon
Anne Trollope married {Rev} Thomas Daniel Trollope (1760 - 1828)
Thomas Trollope (a surgeon in England, born 1797) married Anne Sewell

Please direct any information on this family to both Carol Trollope and Robert Sewell

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Another Sewell Family

    Carla Gardner wrote in January 2002:

    "I'm picking up my grandmother's research.  She followed some research through books:  History of Sewell Families, and Immigrant Ancestors."

    According to this family record, Henry Sewall and Ann Hunt had two sons named Henry:

Another genealogy states that Henry Sewell (1610 - 1644) shown below was a son of Richard Sewall and Mary Dugdale. Yet another genealogy shows Henry Sewell (1610 - 1644) as a son of "Lord Henry Sewell of England." A summary of this family is as follows:

Henry Sewell I (1610 - 1644) married to Alice Willoughby
Settled at Sewell's Point, in either Maryland or Virginia
Henry Sewell II (1632 - 1691) married to Johanna Warner
Henry Sewell III (1675 - 1726) married to Mary Marriott
Many children, including
Samuel Sewell (1715 - 1789), married 1st Mehitable Story or Christian Stover, 
and married 2nd Elizabeth Baker
This line continues, and many family trees can be found at

     Although I am certain that much of this family tree is documented; I do not have the details of this documentation. Please see a genealogy site such as Genealogy.com or Ancestry.com for more on this family. 

     To add to the confusion, some overly enthusiastic family historians have adopted Sewell and Sewall ancestors from other lines while others have added what appear to be "imaginary ancestors":

(1)    Some variations of this genealogy include mention of: "Robert Sewell, a Draper in London with a shop in St. Lukes Square married Jane Rives, a daughter of the Duke of Windsor."  For the probable origin of this story, click to see above.

(2)     This line includes Samuel Sewell (1715 - 1789).  The authors of some variations of this genealogy have decided this is the same person as {Judge} Samuel Sewall (1652 - 1729/30) who was, among other things, one of the judges at the notorious Salem Witch Trials of 1692.  For more information, please click on {Judge} Samuel Sewall.

(3)    Some internet sites state that Henry Sewell I (1610 - 1644) shown above was a son of "Lord Henry Sewell of England."  There is absolutely no evidence in G.E. Cockayne's Complete Peerage or any of Burke's publications that any such person ever existed. 

Please direct any information on this family to Robert Sewell

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Sewells Road, Scarborough, Ontario

    Sewells Road is located in the north east part of Scarborough Township, now a part of Toronto, Ontario. To locate Sewells Road, go to http://maps.google.com/ and search for "Sewells Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada."

    The Sewells connected with Sewells Road in Scarborough were one of the early families in the area.  Joseph Sewell was born in 1785 in Scotby, Cumberland, England and died in 1870 in Scarborough.  He is buried at the Bethel Pioneer Cemetery, near the intersection of Kennedy Road and Eglinton Avenue.  Their son John married Susanah Break and they are interned Locust Hill cemetery in Markham Township, along with many other family members. A daughter of John and Susanah Break Sewell was Martha Break Sewell who married {Rev. Dr.} William Arthur Strongman

    Thanks to Bob Strongman for this information.

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More Sewells

    More Sewells with whom we cannot establish a connection are:

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Don't give up!

    Although there are many Sewells with whom we are not able to establish a relationship, there have been many more success stories:

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The Arms of Sewell
Arms of Sewell
    The arms claimed and borne for centuries by the Sewells of New England, and by their ancestors in the United Kingdom, are: "Sable, a chevron between three bees volant, argent" which means "a black shield with a silver chevron and three silver flying bees". The crest is:  "Within a chaplet of roses, argent, leaved vert, a bee Or." (Sir Hector Livingston Duff: The Sewells in the New World, Exeter 1924, page 97)  A seal bearing these arms was brought to Massachusetts by {Rev} Henry Sewall in 1634.  This seal is now in the possession of the Durnford Family of Montreal who are descendants of Solictor General Stephen Sewell (1770 - 1832). The Sewells claim these arms belonged to their ancestors before the founding of the College of Heralds in 1483.

    Be sure to visit The Heraldry of Sewell for further details and more coats of arms.

    There are other Sewell families and other Coats of Arms.  The Sewells of the southern United States have unspecified arms with a Leopard’s head as the crest, and a John Sewell in the 14th century had for Arms a “Sea-Whale” or whale on a shield.  Yet another Sewell family from Essex (traced from 1583 to 1727 and apparently extinct after 1727) had for Arms a silver shield with a red diagonal and three silver birds on the diagonal.

    Try Heraldry on the Internet for more information.  This site states:  “... if your name is Smith, and a guy in a mall shows you a coat of arms with the name Smith under it, that proves nothing at all. You are just as likely to be related to the founder of the Virginia colony, or the Scottish economist, or the nephew of Senator Kennedy, or none of the above. The guy in the mall with the database is fudging these issues and trying to sell you a pig in a poke. His database is certainly incomplete and probably very inaccurate, and he doesn't care about pedigrees. He is just out to exploit the similarity between your name and some name in his database.”

    If purchasing a coat of arms, remember “Caveat Emptor!”; “Let the Buyer Beware!”

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