The Screaming Tunnel
North Side      This is the north end of the "Screaming Tunnel" as seen from Warner Road. 

     The tunnel was built under what is now the main Canadian National Railway line and was to allow for road access to either side of the new railway without having to climb up and over the tracks. The tunnel is said by some sources to be for a railway that was never built and was planned to run parallel to the Welland Canal. 

In tunnel from north      The tunnel is too narrow for a railway; click on Blue Ghost Tunnel to see an actual railway tunnel of the time. It is difficult to visualise  where a railway would have gone on the south side of the tunnel where there is a relatively steep slope. Regardless, no railway was ever built, and the tunnel is still there.

     This is the view looking southwards into the tunnel from Warner Road. 

path      On the south side of the tunnel, a path leads up a small hill.

    According to legend, there was a farm house on the top of the hill on the south side of the tunnel. The house caught fire, and a young girl ran down the hill presumably to get help. There must have been a spark on her clothing which is said to have burst into flames when she was in the tunnel. 

top of hill
     The unfortunate girl burned to death; and her dying screams can be heard to this day if one lights a match in the tunnel after dark - - - or so the story goes.

     This is the area at the top of the hill where the farm house is said to have been located. 

Please don't write to tell me that "It ain't true." 
I already said it is a legend . . . .

Tunnel in Winter
Mike and Robert visited the "Screaming Tunnel" during the March Break, 2008. 

No screaming was heard, except for the assorted screams and hoots made by the boys. 

The ghost must have been on "March Break" as well.

map      Here is a map showing the location of the "Screaming Tunnel". Park in the turn around at the end of Warner Road.

For a better map go to:
and search for:
180 Warner Road,
Niagara Falls, ON 

You can then "zoom out" to get a better idea of how to get there.

road ghost
Warner Road, October 2005. 
The tunnel is said to be haunted, 
but this is the best I could do.
Even on a bright, sunny day this tunnel has an eerie feeling about it that is difficult to elaborate on.  Please check the map above and visit the tunnel yourself. 

There are many web sites about the Screaming Tunnel. 
Try or and search for "screaming tunnel".
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