The East End of
"The Blue Ghost Tunnel"
East End of Tunnel
Ghosts of the Tunnel

The misty wisps in this photo were not present before or after the photo was taken. They appear only in the photo! Are these mists the tunnel ghosts?

What, pray tell, is going on here?

Well, it was cool (20°F) and very still. I exhaled just as I pressed the shutter release and the automatic flash went off, too. I accidentally photographed the condensation from my own breath.

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The East Entrance to the Blue Ghost Tunnel
Blue Ghost Tunnel East Entrance
Looking into the haunted tunnel
Looking right into the haunted Blue Ghost Tunnel. I didn't go any farther because:
  • There was a leak in my boots and I already had a "soaker."
  • The Blue Ghost Tunnel is WAY TOO SPOOKY!

Seriously, large abandoned structures like this have a sort of eerie, spectral atmosphere about them.
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