Newdick Homes
    Many of the photos were lifted from Google's "Street View" in April, 2010. To view the original images, click on Google Maps and search for the address. Then, simply use your mouse to move the little orange man on top of the scale over on the left side down onto the map . . . and Presto! The actual street view appears! You may have to pan around a bit to find the exact photo shown here.

14 Lansdowne Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
     The apartment building shown below is 12 Landsdowne Avenue; and I suspect homes at 12 and 14 were demolished to make way for it. The Newdick residence at 14 Landsowne was the home of the George Robert "Bob" Newdick family. It was perhaps similar to the home next to the apartment, but without the third floor addition and the enclosed front veranda.  
14 Landsowne Avenue

Market Square, Swaffham, Norfolk
     Bob Newdick, his wife Jane and their children were residing at Market Place, Swaffham in 1887 at the time of the birth of their daughter Ida Mary Newdick. The view shown below is to the North West, looking into Market Square. The building on the extreme right is the Corn Hall. Perhaps the Newdick Family resided in one to the buildings on the left side of the square. Possibly Bob Newdick had a tailor shop on the first floor and the family lived upstairs.
Market Square

110 London Street, Swaffham, Norfolk
     The Newdick family is shown as residing at 110 London Street, Swaffham on the 1881 census. The "London Street Store" is 98 London Street, so the Newdick Residence must have been located on the right hand side of the road a bit further along. I can't see much of these homes because of the shrubbery and trees. The Newdick Family resided here in 1881 or about 130 years ago. Their home could have been replaced with a more modern home.
London Street

Wrens Hall, Stanton, Suffolk
Around the 1840's and 50's, the family of Edward Newdick resided at Wrens Hall, Stanton, Suffolk. The photo, courtesy of Adrian Greenwood, was taken in 2005.Wrens Hall

Eriswell Hall Farm, Eriswell, Suffolk
Phillip Newdick and his family resided at Eriswell Hall Farm during the early and mid 19th century. This photo, courtesy of Adrian Greenwood, was taken in 2005.Eriswell Hall Farm

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