Lumley Family Homes

    The photos were lifted from Google's "Street View."
 To view the original images, click on Google Maps and search for the address. Then, simply use your mouse to move the little orange man on top of the scale over on the left side down onto the map . . . and Presto! The actual street view appears! You may have to pan around a bit to find the exact photo shown here.

67 Northdale Boulevard, Toronto, Ontario
This was the home of my Uncle Jim and Aunt Betty in the 1950's

200 Strathcona

105 Wineva Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
The Lumleys resided here from the mid 1920's to 1957.
This was the home of my grandparents, James and Margaretta Lumley.
The veranda has been updated and was originally similar to Ferguson's to the right.
The old garage is still there; look down the driveway.

200 Strathcona
The Lumley residence is in the middle of the photo.
Originally, all verandas were similar to Ferguson's on the right.
Ahern's on the left has an updated facing. It used to be brick, too.

200 Strathcona

207 Waverley Road, Toronto, Ontario
The Jim and Retta Lumley Family lived here circa 1914 to the mid 1920's.
M. M. Sewell recalled "a narrow house with a lot of steps leading up to the door."

200 Strathcona

348 Sackville Street, Toronto, Ontario
     The Lumley Family resided at 348 Sackville Street from the 1890's up into the 1960's.  I thought the homes were larger than this; but I last visited here when I was perhaps 10 years old circa 1953.  As well, the neighbours appear to have added a second floor balcony. After the death of my great grandmother Elizabeth Lumley (née Markham) in 1940, Aunt Lottie and cousin Eddie lived here. I suspect the Lumleys may have moved here after the untimely death of Edmund Gell Lumley in 1896. This home is somewhat smaller than the previous home at 262 Gerrard Street.
348 Sackville Street

262 Gerrard Street, Toronto, Ontario
     The family of Edmund Gell Lumley resided at 262 Gerrard Street in the 1880's and 1890's. I suspect they moved to smaller, more economical quarters at 348 Sackville Street (shown above) following the untimely demise of Edmund Gell Lumley in 1896.
262 Gerrard Street

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