Furse Family Homes

    These are the homes of my great grandfather, William Theophilus Allen Furse, known as "William Furse" and "Grandpa Furse."  The Furse family resided in "West Toronto", also known as "The Junction." This was a town built around the junction of three railways: the Grand Trunk Railway, the Credit Valley Railway, and the Ontario and Quebec Railway. It is in the area of Keele and Dundas Streets in Toronto.

    The photos were lifted from Google's "Street View" in April, 2010. To view the original images, click on Google Maps and search for the address. Then, simply use your mouse to move the little orange man on top of the scale over on the left side down onto the map . . . and Presto! The actual street view appears! You may have to pan around a bit to find the exact photo shown here.

The addresses were found on marriage and death records
from The Archives of Ontario.
9 Osler Street, Toronto, Ontario
(1914, marriage of William’s daughter Margueretta to James H. Lumley)

9 Osler Street
201 Annette Street, Toronto, Ontario
(1916, death of William’s first wife Catherine "Kate" O'Connor)
201 Annette Street
3 Osler Street, Toronto, Ontario
3 Osler is on the right hand side.
(1920, William’s second marriage to Emma Jane Westlake)

3 Osler Street
65 Laughton Avenue, Toronto, Ontario
(1936, death of William’s second wife Emma Jane Westlake)
65 Laughton Avenue

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