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    This page has been posted to illustrate the descendants of Hugh de Grandmesnil, the Domesday tenant and a Companion of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings on October 14, 1066.

    Thanks to my cousins
John Rees and Sewell V. Sample
for sharing information for this page.

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    After nearly a thousand years, it is difficult to say with exact certainty who was present at the Battle of Hastings.  Scholars of History seem able to agree on only about twenty-five or so persons as having been at Hastings for sure, and Hugh de Grandmesnil is among these persons.

    We have a very definite indication that Hugh de Grandmesnil's great granddaughter Pernel (Petronilla) married Sir Robert de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester.  Their daughter Margaret married Saher de Quincy; thereby giving our family a connection to this Companion of William the Conqueror.

The following passage is copied from 
Frederick Lewis Weis: Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists
Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1999 page 58 (Line 53):
26. SIR ROBERT DE BEAUMONT, b. bef. 1135, d. Durazzo, Greece, 1190, 3rd 
Earl of Leicester, Crusader 1179; m. ca. 1155, Petronilla (or Pernell) de Grandmesnil, 
d. 1 Apr. 1212, dau. of Hugh de Grandmesnil, and great-granddau. of Hugh de Grandmesnil, a Companion of William the conqueror at the Battle of Hastings, 
1066. (CP IV 670 chart III, VII 520, 530-533; Old-CP VIII 168).

27. MARGARET DE BEAUMONT, d. prob. on 12 Jan. 1234/5 but shortly before 
12 Feb. 1234/5; m. bef. 1173, Saher de Quincy, b. 1155, d. 3 Nov. 1219, 1st Earl of 
Winchester, Magna Charta Surety, 1215, Crusader 1219 . . ..

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The following descent from Hugh de Grandmesnil, Companion of William the Conqueror, to Pernel de Grandmesnil who is known to have married Robert de Beaumont, 3rd Earl of Leicester; is based on:
"It is not claimed that this suggested descent is more than speculative."
(George E. Cokayne's Complete Peerage, Leicester, pg. 532-534)
1. Robert de Grentemesnil married Hawise de Giroie and they had a son:
  • Hugue de Grentemesnil (or Hugh de Grandmesnil) shown next.
2. Hugh de Grandmesnil, the Domesday tenant and a Companion of William the Conqueror. He was banished from Normandy by duke William in 1058 for very little cause, but was pardoned in 1063, at which time he was given the custody of the castle of Neufmarché-en-Lions. In 1067 he was one of those who, with William Fitz Osberne and bishop Odo, were invested with the government of England during the king’s absence. Hugh received 100 manors, mostly in Leicester, of which county he was sheriff. He was one of the Normans who interceded with king William on behalf of his son, Robert Courteheuse. On the ascension of William Rufus to the throne he supported duke Robert, but later becoming dissatisfied with the conduct of the young duke, he left his cause and attached himself to the king. In 1090, though quite an old man, he was in Normandy opposing Robert de Belesme in his strongholds at Fourches and La Conebe on the river Orne. Having died in England 22 February, 1094, his body was taken to Normandy, where it was buried on the south side of the chapter house of St-Evroult next to his wife, who had previously been interred there. 

Hugh married married Adeliza, daughter of Ivo, count of Beaumont-sur-l’Oise, who brought him Brokesbourne in Herefordshire, and three lordships in Warwickshire. Hugh and Adeliza the following children:

  • Robert, the eldest son, shown below.
  • William de Grandmesnil who went to Apulia where he married Mabel, a daughter of Robert Guiscard and was not heard of again.
  • Hugh de Grandmesnil who died young circa 1087 and was buried in St. Evroult
  • Ives de Grandmesnil succeeded to his father's lands in England which he mortgaged and lost to Robert, Count of Meulan. Ives married a daughter of Gilbert de Gand and had a son:
    • Ives de Grandmesnil who may have perished in the wreck of the White Ship.
  • Aubrey de Grandmesnil , the youngest son, who was brought up a clerk, but eventually became a knight.
  • Hawise who died unmarried 
  • Adeline who married Roger d’Ivri 
  • Rohais who married Robert de Courci
  • Matilda who married Hugh de Montpincon
  • Agnes who married William de Say
3. Robert de Grandmesnil who inherited his father's Norman lands married 1st to Agnes, a daughter of Ranulph de Bayeux, 2nd to Emma, a daughter of Roberft d'Estouteville, and 3rd to Lucy, a daughter of Savary FitzCana. Robert had a daughter:
  • Agnes who married Robert de Moulins
There is no further information as to his children. However, the Norman honour of Grandmesnil which Robert inherited from his father eventually ended up in the hands of Robert FitzPernel, a son of Pernel de Grandmesnil. As well, Pernel's father may have been named as Hugh de Grandmesnil or William de Grandmesnil; thereby suggesting that Robert de Grandmesnil had son(s) Hugh or William, shown next. 
4. Hugh de Grandmesnil who is named as the father of Pernel de Grandmesnil in the foundation narrative of Leicester Abbey; and although the story there told is fictitious, Pernel was a benefactress of the abbey, and it is possible that the writer may have had before him a document such as a list of obits giving the authenic name. This alternating nomenclature, viz. Hugh - Robert -  Hugh, was a very usual system.
4. William de Grandmesnil who is commemorated in a charter of Pernel (Petronilla) de Grandmesnil to St-Evroult. This is is referred to in David Crouch: The Beaumont Twins: The Roots and Branches of Power in the Twelfth Century, Cambridge University Press; 2008 as being mentioned in Cartulary St-Evroult, vol. ii, fol. 33v, in the Bibliotheque Nationale, a latin manuscript, 11055, 11056 and as well in The Complete Peerage, ed. V. Gibbs and others, London,1910-59, page 91, footnote 140.
5. Pernel (Petronilla) de Grandmesnil born circa 1134, died in 1212, married Sir Robert de Beaumont. Pernel and Robert de Beaumont had the following children:
  • William de Bréteuil, the eldest son.
  • Robert, the second son but eldest surviving son and heir, Earl of Leicester, and Steward of England, Seignuer of Bréteuil and Paci in Normandy, usually styled Robert FitzPernel, and during his father's life Robert de Bréteuil. It is stated in the charter of Robert FitzPernel to St. Evroult circa 1190 - 1204 that his mother Pernel de Grandmesnil was a great granddaughter of Hugh de Grandmesnil, the Domesday tenant as shown here.
  • Roger, the third son, was Chancellor of William, King of Scots, who gave him in 1189 the see of St. Andrews. He was Bishop of St. Andrews.
  • Amice who married as his 2nd wife Simon de Montfort
  • Margaret de Beaumont who married Saher de Quincy 
  • Hawise who became a nun at Nuneaton 
  • Pernel