The Pedigree of Catherine Denne
Sketch of the Gookin Family
compiled and edited by
Richard N.Gookins, Tacoma Washington (1952)

This page was copied and posted by Robert Sewell.
Please note especially Mr. Gookins’ caution: “This entire lineage is presented to readers 
for possible interest but must by viewed with suspicion where unsupported by references.”
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Please note that a break in the line was found at generations XXXIV and XLII.
Robert Sewell
January 14, 2004

      The original of this pedigree was furnished by Mrs. Horatio Ford of Cleveland, Ohio. It represents that furnished to her by the Colonial Society of Americans of Royal Descent, Phila., and comprised that portion following, from Charlemagne to Catherine Denne, wife of John Gookin, he of the third Gookin generation. It will be noted that in the lineage given by the Society, names only were listed, no dates and no references. Any data other that bare names from generation XII (Charlemagne) to LII (Catherine Denne) has been added by this compiler, as had generations I through XII, from sources noted. This entire lineage is presented to readers for possible interest but must by viewed with suspicion where unsupported by references.

I. Childeric I, (458 – 481) M. _____
II. Clovis I, (466 – 511). Frankish King, Succeeded his father Childeric I as king of Salian Franks, 481; defeated Roman General Syagnius, 486, m Christian Burgundian princess Clotilde, 496; conquered Alemanni, bapt. Christian, 496; defeated Visigoths, became champion of orthodox faith against Arians. King of all the Franks.
III. Chlotar I, (561)
IV. Childperic I, (584)
V. Chlotar II, (628)
VI. Blithilde, M. Ansbert
VII. Arnold
VIII. St. Arnolf, (640)
IX. Ansgies
X. Pepin II of Heristal, d 714. Established power over Neustria and Austrasia and external states.
XI. Charles Martel, “The Hammer” (688 – 741) Frankish King, natural son of Pepin II, mayor of the palace under the last Merovingian kings; stemmed the tide of Moslem conquest; but for his efforts, Gibbon says, “perhaps the interpretation of the Koran would now be taught in the schools of Oxford.”
XII. Pepin III (Pippin the Short); crowned 751, d 768
XIII. Charles the Great (Charlemagne) (742 – 814).  Son of Pepin III and Bertha, daughter of Count Charibert of Laon. In 768 Pepin III divided his kingdom between his sons Charles and Carloman, and upon the latter’s death in 771 Charles became sole King of the Franks. In 772 he conducted a war against the Saxons who threatened the Frankish frontier, and advanced as fas as the Weser, when he was recalled to the aid of Pope Adrian I who was in conflict with the Lombard King. Charles had married a daughter of this monarch but repudiated her because she bore no offspring, afterwards uniting himself with Hildegarde, an Alemannian princess. Charles crossed the Alps with two armies and conquered the Lombard kingdom, 774, which he added to his possessions. During the years following, he was constantly at war. He won a victory over the Saxons who acknowledged him as their king; was called to Spain, 778, as intermediary between Moors and Arabs, where he secured considerable territory, but lost Roalnd and Oliver and other knights in the famous fight at the Pass of Roncesvalles. On Christmas day, 800, Charles was crowned Emperor by Pope Leo III. The remaining years of this life were chiefly devoted to the consolidation of this empire, and an attempt to revive Roman civilization, encouraging Alcuin in establishing schools, and commencing codification of the laws in the famous Capitularies. He was buried at this capital, Aachen. Soon after his death the empire was dismembered.
XIV. Louis I, “The Pious”, Le Debonnaire, 778 – 840, King of France. Reign (814 – 833) marked by revolts of his sons who deposed him, Rstored 834. Married Ermengarde.
XV. Louis II, “The German”, 825 – 875. Succeeded 855. Reign marked by wars against saracens whom he defeated and drove fromn Capua. Married Emma of Andech.
XVI. Carloman, King of France, d. 884. Married Litwinde.
XVII. Arnulph (Arnolf), d 899, Roman Emperor; famous soldier and churchman, Married Oda of Bavaria.
XVIII. Edith of Germany – M. Otto, Duke of Saxony (Chart IX, Hist Atlas . . . says Otto the Saxon m Hedwig, dau of Louis the German and had:
XIX. Henry I, The Fowler (876 – 936), Holy Roman Emperor; Duke of Saxony 912, elected King of Romans 919; acquired Lorraine 923; defeated Slavs, Danes, Hungarians, married Matilda of Ringleheim.
XX. Gerberge of Germany – Gisbut, Duke of Lorraine
XXI. Albreda – Rinaud de Reimes
XXII. Gilbert de Reimes
XXIII. Elbo I, Count de Rouci – Beatrix of Hainault
XXIV. Adela – Kildwin de Montdidier
XXV. Margaret – Hugh de Clermont
XXVI. Adeliza Clermont – Gilbert de Tonebrudge de Clare
XXVII. Richard Fitzgilbert de Clare – Adeliza Mechines
XXVIII. Roger de Clare (d 1173) – Maude St. Hilary
XXIX. Richard de Clare, the Surety – Amicia of Gloucester
XXX. Gilbert de Clare, also a Surety – Isabella Marshal
Richard de Clare – Maude Lacie
XXXII. Gilbert de Clare – Joan of Acre, daughter of King Edward I
XXXIII. Margaret Clare – Hugh Audley
XXXIV. Margaret Audley – Ralph Stafford   (click for BREAK details
XXXV. Margaret Stafford – John Stafford
XXXVI. Ralph Stafford – Maud Hastings
XXXVII. Joan Stafford – Nicholas Beke
XXXVIII. Elizabeth Beke – Robert Swinnerton
XXXIX. Maude Swinnerton – John Savage
XL. John Savage – Eleanor Brereton
XLI. John Savage – Catherine Stanley
XLII. Alice Savage – Roger de Pilkington
XLIII. Margaret Pilkington – John de Arderne
XLIV. Blanche Arderne – William Stanley
XLV. Katherine Stanley – Ralph Arderne
XLVI. John Arderne – Alice Heaton
XLVII. Richard Arderne –  . . . . . . . . . . 
XLVIII. Alice Arderne – John Denne of Denne, son & heir
XLIX. Michael Denne of Denne, eldest son – Christian Combe, daughter & heiress of . . . . . . . . . . Combe
L. Thomas Denne of Denne, alias Denne Hill, son & heir – Alice Eshelhurst
William Denne of Kingston, Co. Kent, 2nd son, d 1572, will proved Doctor’s Comm. – Agnes Tufton, dau of Nicholas Tufton of Northian Place, Sussex. Died Dec 30, 1539
LII. Catherine Denne, 2nd daughter, M Oct 28, 1566 – JOHN GOOKIN 
(d 1623: III generation of GOOKIN FAMILY)
Labberton, Robt H., New Hist Atlas and Geneal Hist; chart VII shows lineage from Childeric I to Charlemagne.
George, Hereford B., Geneal Tab Illustr of Modern Hist Chard XII, gen 11, 12, 13, 14; chart XIII, gen 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20. (says Gerberge m Lewis (D’Outremer) IV of France; chart III, gen 29, Richard de Clare, Earl of Hertford m Amicia of Gloucester; gen 30 Gilbert, E of Gloucester, ob 1230, m Isabella Marshal, dau of Wm., E of Pembroke, ob 1219; gen 31, Richard, E ob 1262; chart IV, gen 32, Gilbert de Clare, E of Glou., ob 1295, m Joan, dau of Edward I (1272 – 1307), gen 33, Margaret Clare m 2nd Audley, E of Glou, gen 34 Margaret Audley (2nd dau) m. Ralph, E of Stafford, ob 1372.
Gookin, Frederick Wm., Daniel Gookin 1612 – 1687, Assistant and Major-General of the Massachusetts Bay Colony R.R. Donnelly & Sons 1912 p. 9. Exerpt from Denne geneal shows gen 47 through 52.
This page was copied and posted by Robert Sewell.
Please note especially Mr. Gookins’ caution: “This entire lineage is presented to readers 
for possible interest but must by viewed with suspicion where unsupported by references.”
Please click HERE for the “updated” version where there are 
details of a break in the line at generation XXXIV.
Robert Sewell
June 2006

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