S.S. Naiad
S.S. NAIAD (1890 - 1964)
     "One of the most memorable steam-yachts ever to stride over the waters of the Muskoka Lakes, the stately Naiad might well have been designed for royalty. Her glittering British plate glass windows and gift-ornamented bow helped inspire envy in all who saw her. Her proud owner, Senator W. E. Sanford, who was one of Canada’s wealthiest wholesale clothing merchants, for decades used her to host celebrities visiting his summer home at Sans Souci Island, Lake Rosseau.

     "In January 1940, the Naiad was sold and transported up to the Lake of Bays. Fifteen years later she was again sold and taken to Lake Temagami, where, after further years of service as a passenger-boat, she was ignominiously cut up and burned. Length: 68 Feet, Tonnage: 29.02.."

Richard Tatley, Steamboating in Muskoka, Muskoka Litho, Bracebridge, 1972
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