Simple FM Radio Aerial

    A simple FM radio aerial can be made using about 5 feet of old 300 ohm TV downlead, an alligator clip and some hook-up wire.  Simply strip the ends of the downlead and then twist and solder the wires. Cut one of the downlead wires in the centre, strip the wire, and attach the downlead as shown below.

    If you are attempting to tune in a specific F M station, calculate the exact half wave length using the fomula (468/frequency in MHz).  For example, to tune in the "Howard Stern Morning Programme" from Buffalo on 92.9 MHz, the aerial should be:  (468/92.9) = 5.04 feet.  "Howard Stern" is a great programme for those who enjoy listening to ladies and gentlemen (I use the terms loosely) laughing and joking as they discuss coarse topics and make rude comments. Thanks to Don for suggesting this programme.

    Clip this aerial to the F M antenna on a cheap F M radio to greatly extend the range.  The aerial is directional, so try rotating it for best reception.

aerial diagram
Photos of 
the aerial
wire details
This is how the wires are stripped, twisted and soldered.  Wrap with plastic electric tape. Here the finished aerial is attached to the antenna of a cheap FM radio. If you don't have an alligator clip as shown in the inset, try wiring a clothes pin.
overall set up
Fastening the 300 ohm T V downlead to a strip of wood 
makes it easier to try different directions.

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