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Lake Temagami
Plan for Land Use

This page posted January 2004 by
Robert Sewell

"The best way to suppose what may come, 
is to remember what is past"

 . . . George Savile, Marquis of Halifax

    About a year ago, in January 2003, everyone was quite upset with regard to proposed developments on the North East Arm. Mrs. Culham and I were especially upset; the planned development was literally right in our back yard!

    This was not the first time that inappropriate land use was suggested for the North East Arm. This site features a previous plan from over thirty years ago. This plan had the full approval of the T.L.A. (under the leadership of the late Dewey Derosier) because it was, to quote the late Mr. Harold A.Carson, "not in the backyard of the T.L.A. 'big wigs' down the lake."

    All maps, photos and quotes on this site are from the "Lake Temagami Plan for Land Use and Recreation Development" dated February 8, 1973 unless stated otherwise.

1973 Plan for Cottage Clusters on the North East Arm
"Development to include up to 100 cottage sites in cluster developments on the south shore within Strathcona Township and on the north shore between Tetapaga River and the Improvement District west boundary.

"One cottage site on Island 132 . . .."

"Access road to mainland cottage development . . .."

1973 Plan

Shiningwood Bay Development Delayed 
for a Minimum of Five Years
There were also to be "up to 100 cottages" on Shiningwood Bay, but not for "a minimum of five years, and all other cottaging developments . . . shall occur first."

Doubtless, the T.L.A. felt this would give them plenty of time to lobby for changes, more studies and fewer than 100 cottages.

Shiningwood Bay
Mr. Carson suggested: "You'll never see anything down there."

A Road to Crab Lake Was Started
Map showing road      A road, shown here in red, was cut from the end of Temagami Marine Drive (known then as Strathcona Road) to the outlet of Crab Lake. This road cut can still be seen and parts of it were used during the Environmental Study in the Spring of 2003.

     The Sewell Family, new to Temagami in 1973 and not knowing any better, felt this would be just fine as it would give access to Island 13 and probably electricity as well.

     It didn't take long for Mr. P.H. Carson to change our point of view.

Plan Stopped by Aboriginal Land Claim
     As we all know, this plan came to an abrupt halt when the local Aboriginal People filed a "Caution".  As of January 2004 this land claim is still not completely settled. 

The 1973 "Plan for Land Use" had a number of interesting photos
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