Island 13
Lake Temagami

   When Mr. A.J. Carson assumed ownership of Island 13 in the 1930's, he moved his cabin from Island 11 over to Island 13 on a barge as shown in the photograph to the right.
leave island 11
arrive Island 13
Up the hill at Island 13 
side view
View from the west


   In the early 1960's, Mr. A.M. Radcliffe joined the two cabins and the woodshed together. The woodshed became a lavatory. Throughout the second half of the twentieth century, there were numerous upgrades, modifications and re-roofings.

    The photo to the right shows this best. Note the roof line of the cabin below the new roof, the outline of the old woodshed, and so on.
view from SW
front view
back view
View from cabin
Dock and Boathouse
The boathouse was built by Mr. A.M. Radcliffe in the early 1960's and was upgraded by the Sewell Brothers.
The cabin was built by Mr. R.G. Sewell in 1977

   By 2012, the roof was leaking again and some roof boards were rotten. A new roof (not just shingles, but an entire new roof) was needed.
    It soon became evident that the entire structure suffered from rot and had to be entirely replaced.

    Please CLICK HERE for further details of the problems we found with the old camp.

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