Steffan's Island
        Steffan's had a beautiful camp made from large white pine logs. It appears that little maintenance was done after the death of Mr. Steffans circa 1975. Mrs. Steffans continued to visit the camp until about 1980. Some Steffans descendants were reported to have visited the camp in the 1990's and found the roof to be sagging badly. They were said to have propped up the roof with a long pole, but opted to sleep outdoors because the camp was so infested with mice and insects.

    As of August 2009, the camp is in a truly appalling condition as the following photos testify.

Main Camp
The front dock is in pretty rough condition.
The back dock has disappeared and the storage sheds are falling apart.
The shed roof is caving in.
The camp doesn't look too bad from this side; but note the rotten logs.
Roof caved in.
The roof has caved in.
Note how the bush has crowded in. Paint is badly needed.

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