Ferguson Island
        Ferguson Island was owned for many years by Butch and Eileen Spooner of Temagami. They sold in the 1980's, and after passing through several hands, the island was owned by Rod and Gladys Healey who took excellent care of the place. The Healeys installed a solar electric system and completely rebuilt the boathouse and docks.

    The Healeys sold circa 1999 and the new owners have done very little in the way of maintenence. Photos taken Summer 2009.

Main Camp
The actual camp doesn't look bad, but the dock is sagging badly.
The boathouse is pretty rough. Brenda and Bill Carson (Gladys and Rod Healey's daughter and son in law) had the place in really good condition in the 1990's
The boathouse is sinking at the deep end.
The new owners were reputed to be "farmers"; but I can't see actual, honest farm people allowing a building to deteriorate in this manner.
Update October 2014
Here's a photo taken five years later:
update October 2014
Unfortunately, the boathouse has been allowed to deteriorate even further.
Update June 2020
Thanks to Linda and Steve for the photos.
Dock 2020
The dock has deteriorated even further.
Looks like the boathouse is being dismantled.
Update July 2021
Thanks to Linda and Steve
Dock in July 2021
All that's left is the dock; and it's not in very good condition.
The present owner plans to rebuild at some time.

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