The Hadley Family

Marian Sweeney
This page is dedicated 
to the memory of 

Marian Sweeney

1920 - 2001

Marian Sweeney (neé Hadley) had in her posession a book
"The Hadley Family:  Since 1777". 
This page represents a small portion of the book and traces her direct descent from 
the Hadleys of North Yorkshire through to her grandchildren.
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The Hadley Name and Arms
     Hadley is said to be a habitation name from the Old English hoed, or heathland and leah or woodland clearing. Originally, Hadleys were likely people who lived on a heath close to a wooded area. 
. . . Hanks and Hodges: A Dictionary of Surnames, Oxford, 1988
The Arms of Hadley are described as “Azure, a chevron surmounted of a fesse between three annulets or” which means “a blue shield with a gold chevron with a gold horizontal bar over it between three gold rings.” 
. . . A.C. Fox-Davies:  A Complete Guide to Heraldry, London, 1909
. . . Sir Bernard Burke:  The General Armory, London, 1884
Arms of Hadley

Generation One
Henry Hadley
of Downholme, Yorkshire
Married:  Sarah ____
Child:  Henry Hadley
Joseph Richardson
of Lingley Moor, Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire
Married: at Middleton Tyas on June 16, 1761 to Sarah Eden
Child:  Jane Richardson, baptized July 21, 1776
Downholme Church
St. Michael and All Angels' Church
Downholme, Yorkshire

Generation Two
Henry Hadley
Baptized at Downholme, Yorkshire on April 11, 1777
Died at Verdun, Quebec on March 29, 1854

    At the time of their marriage in 1798, both Henry Hadley and his wife Jane Richardson  appear to have resided at Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire where they are recorded as being “both of this parish married by banns”  They resided at Middleton Tyas as well on January 2, 1803 when their second child Sarah was baptized.  By July 8, 1804 they had moved about twelve miles north to Pethraw, Cockfield, Durham where their third child Robert was baptized. The baptism records at the “Cockfield Baptisms 1813 – 1838” site of GENUKI for Durham / Cockfield at <> show the Hadley name spelled variously as Daniel Headley, Francis Headley, Isaac Headley and Isaac Hedly.  Henry Hadley is shown in parish records to be both a farmer and a labourer.

    The Hadley family, Henry, Jane and six surviving children, emigrated to Canada in 1817.
The following extract is from Julien Diziel, Histoire de Verdun:  “In 1839 and 1840, Henry along with his son Daniel won the first prizes at the agricultural exhibitions of Lower Canada for the fine quality of their ploughing and stock breeding.”

    By 1849, Henry Hadley owned farms in Hemmingford, Lachine and Rivière St. Pierre.

Henry married to Jane Richardson at Middleton Tyas, Yorkshire on December 1, 1798.  Jane died at Verdun, Quebec on March 15, 1847.

Henry and Jane had the following children:

Part of North Yorkshire
Note Downholme and Middleton Tyas.  Cockfield, Durham is located about 12  miles due north.

Generation Three
Daniel Hadley
Baptized at Cockfield, Durham on March 21, 1813
Died at Verdun, Quebec on July 28, 1875

The following extract is from Julien Diziel, Histoire de Verdun:

    "In 1875, Daniel is the owner of two farms in Verdun, still called Rivière St-Pierre Village. One of the farms was sold afterwards and a Hospital for mental diseases was built on it.  The other stretched out from the river to the Lachine Canal, between Pavillon Avel (Later Church Avenue) and the present Hickson Street.  Daniel was one of the founders of Rivière St-Pierre Village.  He died in an accident that occured on his estate the same year 1875.

    "His son Henry was also one of the founders of Rivière St-Pierre Village.  He was elected alderman from 1875 to 1915, except for three years.  He was mayor from 1896 to 1900.  During the smallpox epidemic that hit Verdun in 1885 one of his houses was used as the first hospital in Verdun."

Daniel married first to Mary Smith (1820 – 1856) at the Methodist Church on Mountain Street, Montreal on October 26, 1843.  Mary was a sister of Hannah Smith who married Francis Hadley.

Daniel and Mary had the following children:

Daniel married second to Hannah Dodd (1818 – 1874) at the Methodist Church on Mountain Street, Montreal on June 26, 1860, and they had a child:

Generation Four
Daniel James Hadley
Born at Verdun, Quebec on September 18, 1861
Died at Montreal, Quebec on August 30, 1893

Daniel married to Harriet Armanella Robertson (1861 – 1936) on September 13, 1883 and they had the following children:

Generation Five
Frederick James Hadley
Born at Montreal, Quebec on October 29, 1886
Died at Iroquois, Ontario on February 3, 1962

Fredrick married to Dorothy Clara Foster (1890 – 1976) on October 7, 1914 and they had the following children:

Fred Hadley
Dorothy Foster
Frederick James Hadley
(1886 - 1962)
Dorothy Clara Foster
(1890 - 1976)
Photos taken October 1914

Generation Six
{Captain} James Frederick Hadley
Born on January 30, 1917 at Montreal, Quebec.
Died (killed in action) on March 22, 1945

James Fredrick Hadley
James Frederick Hadley
Jacqueline LeTourneau
December 27, 1940

James was a Captain in the
R.C.A.F. and was shot down
over Germany on
March 22, 1945.

Jacqueline LeTourneau
James Frederick Hadley and his Flight Crew

Marian Ruth Hadley
Born at Montreal, Quebec on March 2, 1920
Died at St. Catharines, Ontario on October 11, 2001

Marian married to Vincent Thomas Sweeney (1918 – 2000) on June 29, 1938 and they had the following children:

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