Livingston of Callendar

Margaretta Schuyler

    The following account of the background and relatives of Robert "The Nephew" Livingston's wife, Margaretta Schuyler, is quoted from W. Darcy McKeough in  The McKeough Family Tree, Section #44, Livingston.

Peter Schuyler    "Margaretta Schuyler was the daughter of Col. Peter Schuyler (1657 -1724) and Engeltie Van Shaik. Col. Peter (shown in the portrait) was a Lieut. of Cavalry in the Albany Militia, became the first Mayor of Albany in 1686 and head of the Board of Indian Commissioners. In 1690 and 1691 he led expeditions to Canada; and was the acting Governor of the State of New York in 1719-1720. They had four children -  three dying the fourth being Margaretta Schuyler.

    "His second marriage in 1691 was to Maria Van Rensselaer -  three sons - one of whom was Phillip who married Margaretta Schuyler, daughter of Johannes (a brother of Col. Peter) Schuyler (1688 - 1747) and Elizabeth Statts.

    "Col. Peter Schuyler was the second son of Phillip Pieterse Van Schuyler (d. 1683) who came to Albany between 1629 & 1639 from Amsterdam, held the offices of Magistrate and of Captain under both Dutch and English governors. Phillip Pieterse Van Schuyler married Dec. 12, 1650 to Margarita Van Schlichtenhorst (1628 - 1711). They had ten children, seven living children when she died.

    "Margarita Van Schlichtenhorst was the daughter of Brant Arentse Van Schlichtenhorst (d. 1660 in Holland) who came to New Nederland in 1648 from Nykerk in Gelderland as Resident-Director of the Patroonship, or colony, of Rensselaerwek. His wife had died and he came with two children - Margarita above and Gerrit.

(Note:  Gerrit Van Schlichtenhorst was involved in selling brandy to Indians, and he had a combination sword/wrestling/fist fight with Jochem Wessels.  Click on Gerrit Van Schlichtenhorst for details.)

    "A sister of Col. Peter Schuyler, Alvida, married first to  Nicholas Van Rensselaer, and married second to Robert Livingston “the Grantee” (1654 - 1728) the first Lord of the Manor."

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