The Grazebrook Family

    When tracing families such as the Grazebrooks, it is best to keep in mind that some overly enthusiastic family historians as well as some "professional" genealogists and genealogy programmes will locate people mentioned in dated documents, estimate birth dates, and then string the names together without any proof that they were "child of" or even that they were actually related. This is sometimes done without any proof of the persons named even living in the same county or parish. I owe many thanks to my distant cousin {Professor} Theodore P. Wright, Jr., a great X 6 grandson of {Judge} Samuel Sewall, for cautioning me about this type of error when I first began discovering what appeared to be some truly amazing family history on the internet.

    Almost all the information on The Grazebrook Page, along with the various spellings of the name, have been taken from Dr. Joseph Jackson Howard: Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica , Volume III, Third Series, Mitchell and Hughes, London, 1900. Here is one page of the "Pedigree of the Family of Grazebrook" and while it appears satisfactory to me, I leave readers to draw their own conclusions. At least some sources are cited; and Dr. Jackson explains why he omitted the generations back to 1065.

    Thanks to the late Sewell V. Sample (1928 - 2005) and Eben W. Graves for sharing the pages from Dr. Jackson's book.

Grazebrook Pedigree  Page 117

    Special genealogy sites provide an invaluable service with access to bulletin boards, family forums, government records and family trees; but they simply don't have the time or resources to check all the information that is shared.  "Caveat Emptor"
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