Fleming of Edinburgh

    This page was posted on March 27, 2003 to show the descent of Janet Fleming (married Rev. John Livingston in 1635) from the Flemings of Edinburgh and has been copied verbatim et literatim from:
Florence Van Rensselaer:  The Livingston Family in America and Its Scottish Origins, New York, 1949 page 44.

I hope this page may save others the trouble and expense of obtaining a copy of Miss Van Rensselaer's book.
 . . . Robert Sewell, March 2003


I.    Patrick Fleming, Burgess, 8 December 1500.

II.    Patrick Fleming, Burgess, 12 September 1531.

III.    George Fleming died before 25 February 1556/7.

IV.    Thomas Fleming died 18 April 1619; married Isabel of Wigtoun(1) who married Walter Young for her second husband.
   Guild brother of Rutherglen and Burgess of Edinburgh 6 May 1580.

V.    Bartholomew Fleming, second son, married Marion Hamilton.

VI.    Janet Fleming, elder daughter, born 1613, married 23 June 1635, Rev. John Livingston.

    From volume in office of Mr. Butler, Windsor Herald, College of Arms, London.
    Roll of Edinburgh Burgesses giving line of descent according to Herald in charge.
        (Not Mr. Butler, who was out at that hour.)

Wigton, Wigtown and Wigtoun(1)

Notes by Robert Sewell with thanks to Jane Reade, March 2003:

    Sir Hector Livingston Duff wrote:  "John Livingston married, on the 23rd June, 1635, Janet, daughter of Bartholomew Fleming.  She was a kinswoman of the Earl of Wigton who, with his eldest son, Lord Fleming, attended the wedding."

(Sir Hector Livingston Duff, The Sewells of the New World, William Pollard and Co., 1924)

     However, Sir Hector does not indicate how Janet was related to the Earl of Wigton.  As well, we now have references to  Wigton, Wigtown and Wigtoun:

Both Wigton and Wigtown may be found using MultiMap UK.

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