Livingston of Falkirk

    This short page is intended to trace the ancestors of Agnes Livingston of Falkirk who married in 1501 to {Reverend} William Livingston who succeeded his father as Rector of Monyabroch.

    The information on this page has been copied from Florence Van Rensselaer: "The Livingston Family in America and Its Scottish Origins", New York, 1949 pages 66-68.

Generation One
Alexander Livingston of Phildes
Died (executed for high treason) on January 21, 1449/50

    Alexander was a son of Sir Alexander Livingston of Callendar and his wife who was a daughter of James Dundas of Dundas "the Elder".  Please click on Livingston of Callendar for his forebears.

    Alexander Livingston of Feldes or Phildes, of Perthshire, Constable of Stirling Castle, Captain of Methven Castle, etc., executed by hanging and/or beheading on Castle Hill in Edinburgh on January 21, 1449/50 for high treason. For further details of his line, see E.B. Livingston: The Livingstons of Callendar (Edinburgh, 1920) Chapters XIV., XV., and XVI. The following is an outline only.

Generation Two

    Miss Van Rensselaer wrote:  "There is no account of the wife and family of Alexander Livingston of Phildes (above) but crown charters prove that he left an heir, and that his grandson was as given below."  (Florence Van Rensselaer: "The Livingston Family in America and Its Scottish Origins", New York, 1949 page 67)

Generation Three
Alexander Livingston of Dunipace

    Alexander, a grandson of Alexander Livingston of Phildes, was the first member of the Livingston family to possess the lands of Dunipace in Stirlingshire.  He was a member of the town council of Stirling from 1521 to 1530 and a burgess in 1525.

    Alexander married his second wife Alison Gourlay in 1490, and they had a son:

Generation Four
Master Alexander Livingston, First Lord of Dunipace
Died after August 27, 1560 at which time he was witness to a Crown Charter.

    Master Alexander Livingston is described by Miss Van Rensselaer as "a man of marked ability."  He was the first member of his family to obtain from the crown the restoration of the forfeited ancestral estates of Feldes or Phildes.  This was granted on January 13, 1516/17.
    Alexander was a Commissioner of Justiciary, Director of Chancery and Keeper of the Quarter Seal.  In 1550, he was promoted to be a Lord of Session at which time he took the title of Lord of Dunipace.

    Alexander married before July 1525 to Elizabeth Hepburn, a daughter of Sir Adam Hepburn who had fallen at Battle of Flodden (September 9, 1513).  Alexander and Elizabeth had the following children:

    Alexander Livingston also had four "natural" sons who are referred to in Charters of the years 1525, 1530 and 1542.  It appears that Alexander and the unknown mother(s) of these children didn't bother to undertake the formality of a church ceremony:

Generation Five
Thomas Livingston of Kirkland and Airth
Died after 1566

    Thomas' father entailed upon him seven oxgangs of the Halls of Airth on July 2, 1529 or 1530.  These lands were in the barony of Bothkennar, Stirlingshire.


"entail" means "to settle on a series of heirs, so that the immediate possessor may not dispose of the estate." 
It appears that Thomas' father wanted to make sure the land would stay in the family and not be sold off.

an "oxgang" is a measure of land, as much as an ox could gang over or cultivate; and it varied from as little as
8 acres to as much as 20 acres.  In Scotland, it was generally about 13 acres; so Thomas had about 90 acres.

 . . . Robert Sewell, March 2003

    Thomas married his second wife Agnes Menteith, a daughter of Alexander Menteith before October 22, 1551 on which date he entailed to her and her legitimate issue the seven oxgangs of the Halls of Airth.

    Thomas and Agnes had a son:

Generation Six
Alexander Livingston of the Halls of Airth and Falkirk

    Alexander appears to have inherited the land associated with the Halls of Airth and he also owned land in Falkirk.  He married to Marion (or Marlan) Bryson of Falkirk, and their eldest daughter was:

Generation Seven
Agnes Livingston of Falkirk
Born circa 1585
Died circa 1617

    Agnes married on December 14, 1600 to {Reverend} William Livingston, M.A., Minister of Monyabroch.  The marriage was proclaimed on January 6, 1601.  Agnes and William were 5th cousins once removed, their common ancestor being Sir Alexander Livingston of Callendar.

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