The Family of
Dr. James Arthur Sewell

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Generation One
Dr. James Arthur Sewell
(August 31, 1810 - October 2, 1883) 

     Dr. Sewell was a son of {Chief Justice} Jonathan Sewell and Henrietta Smith, and was Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Laval University and President of the Canadian Medical Association and of the Quebec Medical Society. 

     Dr. Sewell married Maria Cornelia Westrene Macrae; her memorial plaque can be seen at's Virtual Cemetery.  Dr. Sewell and his wife had eight children, among whom we find:

  • Dr. James Arthur Sewell, Junior, mentioned next.
  • Edward LeMesurier Sewell (1846 - 1898) who married Emily Eliza Housman (1852 - 1929)
Dr. Sewell married secondly to Jane Beswick and they had four children.
Dr. James Arthur Sewell, Sr.

Generation Two
Dr. James Arthur Sewell, Jr.
     Dr. Sewell was born October 12, 1834. He died and was buried at at Mentone, France on January 2, 1899.
     Dr. Sewell was a graduate of Edinburgh University, and entered the service of the East India Company in 1857.  During the mutiny he was amongst the slender garrison who held the Fort at Agra, almost the only place that remained to us in the N.W. Provinces — until the capture of Delhi.

     Dr. Sewell married Cornelia Janetta Elizabeth Thierens and they had three children:

  • Ernest Edward Forbes Sewell
  • Maria Cornelia Westrene Sewell
  • Charles Albert Sewell
Dr. James Arthur Sewell, Jr.

Generation Three
Charles Albert Sewell
(September 21, 1865 - April 10, 1941)

     Charles Albert Sewell was a manager of Harold Kennedy and Company Lumber Merchants and was later employed by the Price Brothers Company.  He and his family resided at 80 Avenue des Braves, Quebec City, Quebec.

     Charles Albert Sewell married on July 22, 1896 to Eva Jane Ross, and they had four children:

  • Henry Arthur Sewell
  • Harold Macrae Sewell
  • Cornelia Maude Sewell
  • Geraldine Eva Constance Sewell
Charles Albert Sewell

Generation Four
{Captain} Henry Arthur Sewell
(April 19, 1897 - March 27, 1983)

     Henry Arthur Sewell was Captain of the 42nd Highlanders of Montreal. 
     Henry Arthur Sewell was manager of the Quebec North Shore Paper Company and Mayor of Baie Comeau.  He was District Chairman of the National War Finance Committee for Charlesvoix-Saquenay.  In 1963, he was elected Vice Chairman of the Board of the Ontario Paper Company Limited.
     Henry Arthur Sewell married on July 19, 1921 to Grace Violet Douglas, and they had three sons:

  • Colin Douglas "Pete" Sewell
  • Ian Livingston Sewell
  • James Arthur Sewell
Henry Arthur Sewell
Harold Macrae Sewell
(July 17, 1900 - March 28, 1978)

     Harold Macrae Sewell was employed by Price Brothers as a purchasing agent.  During the Second World War, he was with the Department of Munitions & Supply, Federal Aircraft Limited as chief purchasing agent. He recorded much of our Sewell Family History and Genealogy in his "Sewell Family Record".

     Harold Macrae Sewell married on August 31, 1929 to Laura Roberts Hayes, and they had a daughter:

  • Catherine Jean Sewell
Harold MacRae Sewell

Generation Five
Catherine Jean Sewell

     Catherine was active in her Church and the I.O.D.E.; and she was an avid bridge player.  She supported her childrens' school activities with much enthusiasm.  She was very involved with politics and attended leadership conventions for Federal and Provincial leaders. She was president of the Port Hope Red Cross, and she somehow found time to golf, bowl and at one time raise chickens.
     Catherine Jean Sewell married on November 17, 1956 to Anthony Harold Beale, and they had the following children:

  • P. Beale
  • Janet Wendy Beale
Catherine Jean Sewell

Generation Six
Janet Wendy Beale

    Janet wrote "Our Family Ancestry - Beale et al", and much of our Sewell family history and genealogy comes from the works of her grandfather Harold Macrae Sewell, which she has shared and upon which she continues to expand in various ways.

     Janet graduated from the University of Waterloo with an Honours Bachelor of Mathematics in Actuarial Science and Computer Science.  She has worked on the development of computer software for the Life Insurance industry, and has been employed as a Management Consultant for Price Waterhouse as well as an Assistant Vice President for Manulife.  Janet is currently the General Manager of Corporate Projects at KAZ Group Limited in Sydney, Australia.  She is also an avid sailor and certified rescue diver.

Janet Wendy Beale

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