Bruce of Airth

    This short page is intended to trace the ancestors of Janet Bruce of Airth who married in 1504 to William Livingston of Kilsyth.  Their granddaughter was Barbara Livingston of Kilsyth who married circa 1570 to {Reverend} Alexander Livingston, M.A. who was the first Protestant Rector of Monyabroch..

    Unless indicated otherwise, the information on this page has been copied from Florence Van Rensselaer: "The Livingston Family in America and Its Scottish Origins", New York, 1949 pages 58-59 and 46.

Generation One
Thomas Bruce
    Thomas, a near relative of the Bruce kings, organised, along with Robert Stuart (afterwards King Robert II) an important rising in Kyle against the English rule in 1334, in reward for which he was put in possession of part of the Crown demesnes of Clackmannan.

    Thomas married Marjorie Charteris of Stenhouse and they had a son:

The above details for Thomas Bruce are from Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Peerage and Baronetage, Peter Townend, ed., London, 1970. Miss Van Rensselaer shows Generation One as "Sir Robert Bruce, a natural son of King Robert the Bruce" and his wife "Helen Vipont, daughter of Captain Allan Vipont of Lochleven." Although King Robert the Bruce did have a natural son Sir Robert Bruce, he was not the father of Sir Robert Bruce, First Baron of Clackmannan shown next.

Generation Two
Sir Robert Bruce, First Baron of Clackmannan
Died on July 23, 1403 at the Battle of Shrewsbury.

    Sir Robert Bruce was a close relative of the Bruce Kings of Scotland, but it is unclear exactly what the relationship was. This relationship was "distinctly admitted by the head of the family, King David II, in a charter to Sir Robert Bruce, the son of Thomas Bruce, of the castle and manor of Clackmannan, together with the lands of Wester Kennet, Gartlet, &c., &c., dated 9th Dec. 1359. In this charter, the king designates Sir Robert Bruce thus : 'Dilecto et fideli consanguineo Suo Roberto de Bruis.' or 'Our beloved and faithful kinsman Robert Bruce' " (Sir Bernard Burke, Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage, London, 1881, pg. 455) 

    Later grants increased his vast holdings, and in January 1367/68 he obtained lands in Rait, within the Sheriffdom of Perth. Sir Robert married Isabel Stewart, daughter of Sir Robert Stewart of Rosyth Castle and they had the following children:

Generation Three
Sir Edward Bruce
Died before 1403, before his father and father-in-law.

    Sir Edward married Agnes de Erth, eldest daughter and co-heiress of William de Erth and so his family came into possession of Erth or Airth.  Edward and Agnes had two sons, one of whom was:

Generation Four
Sir Robert Bruce of Airth
Died (executed for political activities) in January 1449/50

    Sir Robert married Agnes Livingston, a daughter of Sir Alexander Livingston, probably Sir Alexander Livingston of Feldes or Phildes, of Perthshire, Constable of Stirling Castle, Captain of Methven Castle, etc., who was executed by hanging and/or beheading on Castle Hill in Edinburgh on January 21, 1449/50 for high treason.
    Robert and Agnes had a son:

Generation Five
Sir Alexander Bruce of Airth

    Sir Alexander Bruce succeeded to his father's lands and title in 1451, just two years after King James II held the Parliament by whose order his father and father-in-law lost their lives.
Sir Alexander married (secondly) to Margaret Forrester, daughter of Sir Malcolm Forrester, and they had a son:

Generation Six
Sir John Bruce of Airth
Sir John was killed for political differences by his wife's brothers.

    Sir John married in 1471 to Elizabeth Menteith, daughter of Sir William Menteith of Kerse, and they had a daughter:

Generation Seven
Janet Bruce of Airth

    Janet Bruce married on October 16, 1504 to William Livingston of Kilsyth, eldest son and heir of William Livingston of Kilsyth who was slain at Flodden Field.  Click on William Livingston of Kilsyth for his descent.
    Janet and William had a son:

Generation Eight
Alexander Livingston of Over & Nether Inches
Died circa 1564
    Alexander married Barbara Forrester, a daughter of Sir Duncan Forrester, and they had a daughter:

Generation Nine
Barbara Livingston of Kilsyth

    Barbara married circa 1570 to {Reverend} Alexander Livingston, M.A. who was the first Protestant Rector of Monyabroch.  He was known as Master Alexander Livingston, a reference to his degree of  Master of Arts.  Barbara and Alexander were 5th cousins, their common ancestor being Sir John Livingston of Callendar.

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